How to Get Over an Anime Addiction || See the Tips From Ours!

anime addiction

Anime indeed become the hilarious show for all people around the world. There are many interesting aspects which keep all the viewer’s become addicted to it. We also feel the same, after we watch it for a while. Now, we would like to give you some tips how to get over an anime addiction, please pay full attention to this matter.

Limit Your Time to Watch Anime Show

If you usually use your half day to watch anime, you need to limit it for now on. It is not good for your health and socialization. Can you imagine watching a video for half a day without resting? It will damage your health in the process. At least you watch it 2 hours per day, we know it is hard because there are tons of anime episodes. If you only watch it for 2 hours it will make you want to watch it again. But you need to restrain it at all cost.

Do Not Buy Any Anime Goods

After you watched your favorite show, you want to buy something which related to that stuff. For example, like a t-shirt, action figure, and many things related to your favorite show. If you keep buying it, it will be hard to get over your addiction. Also, the price is not really cheap as you think. You will waste all your money.

how to get over anime addiction

Do Another Activity

You can do another activity with your friends. We know it is hard because you usually watch anime in your house alone. It will be hard for you to start a conversation with people you rarely meet. But if you have a will to get over the addiction, this is a good method to start.

Differentiate Fantasy and Reality

People who usually watch an anime show cannot differentiate fantasy and reality. They will act like the anime character and change their personality to match their favorite character. In order to get over this addiction, you need to differentiate both of them. Anime show only for entertainment purpose to make all people happy, you cannot bring to the reality and disturb people around with that. If you already reached that level, it will be hard for you to come back to reality.

Final Words

That is the simple way to overcome anime addiction. Hopefully, it can help all of you to clear it. For you who still have a lot of problem regarding this matter, do not hesitate to ask for a better solution. We will help you anytime. Before we say goodbye, check out the best anime ever created. This is our gift to you.

How to Kill Boredom? Check Out the Ways to Get Rid of This Problem Here!

how to kill boredom

Boredom often happens when we do not have any activities or doing the same activities all the time. It is not good at all when we feel bored. It is like we are losing our passion. If you feel a boredom at this moment, you do not need to worry anymore because we are going to help you to get rid of this problem by sharing some ways on how to kill boredom. If you want to know what are the ways that can overcome our boredom, just read the information below!

Do Our Hobbies

doing our hobbies

One of the easiest ways to get rid of boredom is by doing our hobbies. It does not matter whatever our hobby is, it can overcome this problem really fast. As we know that hobby is something that we really like the most above all. It means that we will not get bored to do it. So, in short, a hobby can be said as the most effective way to make us feel unbored again. Then, if we love playing video games, doing some sports, singing, and etc, just do it each time we get bored.

Make and Drink a Cup of Coffee or Tea

Drinking a cup of coffee or tea can reduce our boredom because it will refresh our mind immediately after we drink it. This way is already proven, we have tried it so many times as well and it is quite effective. So, whenever we get bored with the situation or condition in our life, we just need to make whether a cup of coffee or tea (it all depends on you) to make ourselves feel good again.

Call or Gather with Friends

gather with friends

One of the so many reasons why we feel bored is because we need someone to talk to or accompany us to live the day. So, why do not you call some friends or gather with them somewhere like hang out at the mall or doing a picnic at the park? Having a friend to talk to is really good as it can increase our mood so we will not feel bored anymore.

Go Out and Find Some Fresh Air

The other way that you can try is by going out and try to find some fresh air outside of our house or the place where we are right now. A place like a park could be a really good choice. Then, just take a deep breath and enjoy the atmosphere while we are on the outside. This way really works for us. So, if you really do not know what to do when boredom appears, just go outside, take a walk, and enjoy it.


Now, let us try all of the ways of how to kill boredom that we have shared above. Whenever you feel bored, just try one of those ways. We are sure that your boredom will be gone after that. But, if you have your own way to get rid of that matter, please share it with us. Maybe it can be useful for us and others.

Tips to Mix and Match Clothes | Check Out the Tips and Make Yourself Look Outstanding!

tips to mix and match clothes

Mixing and matching clothes is a very important thing for a fashionable people. By doing that we can express our interest in fashion and create a different look every day. But, many people often get troubled to mix and match their clothes because of their lack knowledge about fashion. That is why we share you some of our tips to mix and match clothes that you can follow.

Choose the Right Color

color does matter

The first step that you have to do to mix and match clothes is to choose the right color. This step is really important because if we choose the wrong color which does not match one to another, it would be a disaster for us. People will see it weird and of course, we will not be confident to wear the clothes. So, when you want to wear something make sure to choose the color which suitable and match the others. For example, if you want to combine a bright and dark color, you can try to combine the black or navy blue with white or the other bright colors. But, neutral colors are always better.

Match the Clothes Model or Type

As we know that there are so many models or types of clothes that we can wear. That is why we need to be smart in matching those clothes. For example, we cannot combine a formal and casual clothes together as it will look really weird. But, we can combine sporty clothes with a casual one. So, make sure that everything that you wear is supporting each other.

Invest Our Money in Some Tops and Bottoms

buy some clothes

One thing that you should remember in mixing and matching clothes is to have quite varied clothes. If we just have a few clothes in our wardrobe, it would be harder to do mix and match. So, our suggestion is to invest your money in some clothes such as tops, bottoms, or shoes. If we have more clothes to wear, it will be easier to mix and match our clothes.

Do Some Experiments

As we know that there are a lot of combinations from all of the clothes that we have in the wardrobe. And doing some experiments is really needed to find which one is the best combination or that you like the most to be combined. Maybe it will take some time to find it. But, doing this will help us a lot to decide the combination that is suitable for a certain occasion.


That is all the tips to mix and match clothes from us. May those tips can be really helpful for you in deciding the best clothes to accompany you to go through the day. So, thank you for reading and do not forget to check out the other tips and tutorial on our website.

Shadow Fight 3 OBB File, Free Gems to Your Account!

Shadow Fight 3 obb file

Today, we would like to share Shadow Fight 3 OBB file where you can implement your account. Many people are looking for this one because they want to replace the game data to help them get free gems easily. The OBB file itself known as someone’s data but they extract and share it with the public. So, we can just implement it into our device and we play their account.

If you would like to know about OBB file you have to understand that you must download the correct one. We have been tested many data but most of them do not work. They always close the app after some time. It is really confusing at all.

The Solution

If you would like to know what we have done. Actually, we are trying to find another alternative way instead of looking for OBB file which always corrupts the game. After surfing for several hours. Finally, we can find the best solution to solve this problem.

We have no idea what method it would be called but We can say it is a generator where we just need to fill our username, select the gems package based on in-app store, then get it within a min. We were unsure at the first time but this is absolutely unique and we have to try it.

It is really shocked us at all because we can receive free gems to our account. I think you have to try it also. Sometimes, it is hard to believe but when we receive it. We will use it for a long time. If you want to try, you may visit Shadow Fight 3 hack tool.

You can follow the instruction there and we think it is enough from our side. Hopefully, you can get free gems here. Do not hesitate to use that one. Just give your one shot and see what happen after that! Do not believe any OBB file anymore because most of them do not work and just crash our APP.

Experience of Using Dragonvale Gems Hack

Dragonvale hack gems

Would you like to know how to use Dragonvale gems hack? I have a great experience with that one and it already gives me many gems to my account. It was really unbelievable at the first time as I do not even trust any hack before. However, after looking at the review. There are many people who use this one. So, I come forward to give it a try.

My experience is really great because I can get gems to my Dragonvale account. It was a really great step to do because I have generated many gems within a min. Is not it a really great move? You have to try this one before it does not work anymore.

We can do many things if we have gems on our account. I think I should not explain it completely because you will know what to do in this game. So, this opportunity is only for you. If you do not believe me. You can leave this page right away because a belief is really important.

To whom who believe me. Thanks a lot, I will give you the method how to hack it but I just want to ensure that you should not generate again after you receive the gems. You have to wait until next week. Please, you must obey their rule. At least, we can get free gems each week by using this hack.

How to hack it? It is actually simple as pie. You should not worry anything but first, you must clear the cache of your phone and close the app if you are currently there. Once you have done, you may refer to this link.

Dragonvale Hack

Have you clicked on the link above? If you have done, you can click the access button and start hacking this game. I think there is no further instruction as the hack tool has been already easy to use.

Block Strike Starter Guide || Reach the Top With Our Guide Immediately!

block strike starter guide

Do not insult this game because of the worst graphics. We are sure people who already played the game have a different thought about it. It is quite challenging like usual FPS game. If you do not be careful, you will lose in the battle right away. Rest assured guys, it will not happen if you read our Block Strike starter guide.

See the Number on the Gun

We are sure you notice there is a number on your gun. For you who do not know what it is, we will tell you right now. The number on your gun is the ammo. Remember, you cannot refill your ammo while on the stage. That is why you need to keep your ammo until the stage over. Actually, we do not need to tell about this because this is a basic. As a good player, you will see the ammo amount all the time.

Upgrade Your Weapon ASAP

When the first time you hit the upgrade the menu, you must upgrade all your weapon immediately. Do not worry about your money, you can get it easily later on. The benefits without a doubt you can kill your enemy easily with one shoot depend on your gun power.

block strike gameplay

There is No Map System

If you looking for a map to guide you in the stage, you only waste your energy. In this game, you cannot see any map. That is why it is quite dangerous if you walk around blindly. For the first time walk slowly to examine the area. If you already familiar with it, you can run and find another enemy to kill. This game not only about kills the enemy, you need to inspect all the area and decide which plan is the best to execute.

Find Your Shelter

The first thing you must do on the stage is to find a shelter. This is a place where you can rest for a while. Here, you can plan your strategy how to beat the enemy and change your weapon. Sometimes, you also find another player. Be sure to kill them if you find one to capture the shelter. Of course, another player can do the same to you. So, do not stay too long.


Playing this game is not really hard especially with our starter guide. For you who still have a problem in this game, just send us a message through the comment section below. We will help you to clear all your problem. Last but not least, if you have a problem with the currency in this game which is gold. Feel free to visit the awesome website we found to get Block Strike free gold.

The Best Anime Ever Created | Watch Now if You Never Watch It Before!

the best anime ever created

Anime is the Japanese cartoon film. The term Anime is used to call the cartoon film in Japan. As we know, anime is really popular. Every part of this world must know about it because there are a lot of good anime to watch. The stories are different from one to another and really imaginative. But, from so many Japanese cartoons, there are some of the best anime ever created that you should not miss. And here, we already prepare five of them. So, just check it out!



Doraemon is one of the most popular anime since more than a decade up until now. This anime tells us the story of a boy named Nobita who have a lot of difficulties in his life. Then, Doraemon, a cat robot from the 20th century which has a lot of magical things is sent to help him. Not only has a good story, Doraemon also teaches us a lot of good and positive things that we can apply in our daily life.

Hunter X Hunterhunter x hunter

The next one is Hunter X Hunter. This anime also very popular because it serves us a really great adventure of a boy named Gon and his friends in becoming a great Hunter. In this film, we will see a lot of action and fighting scenes which will entertain us. The story is really interesting and exciting to watch, that is why this anime is deserved to be named as the best anime ever created.



No one can deny that Naruto should be added to this list. It is because this anime is really good to watch. This anime tells the story of Naruto who is aiming to become a Hokage one day. In this anime, we will see the ninjas fighting each other with their amazing ninja skills. Because of the success of Naruto, the creator also created Naruto Shippuden which is the continuation of the Naruto film.

Captain Tsubasa

captain tsubasa

Who does not know about this anime? The anime which tells the football story of Tsubasa Ozora. His story is really interesting to watch because we can learn a lot of things on how to become a great footballer. And for your information, Captain Tsubasa can be said as one of the most popular anime of all time as it has been aired in so many countries.



Pokemon is the most popular anime since the 90’s era up until now. We can say that it is the most popular one because the anime itself still have new episodes until this moment. Even it has a card game and game version on consoles or mobile that all Pokemon lovers can play. Although this anime has existed for more than two decades, it still has a lot of fans all over the world.


What do you think of our list of the best anime ever created above? Do you have the same opinion as us? If you have a different thought about it, you can share your opinion with us by sharing it in the comment box below. And if you never watch those anime before then, you should watch it after this!

Warframe Weapon Guide || Choose Your Best Weapon To Win the Battle Easily!

warframe weapon guide

Howdy guys? It seems you are in a good condition. Here, we want to offer you Warframe weapon guide. For some of you who have difficulties to choose the suitable weapon, we have the guide which you can follow. Do not hesitate anymore, let us see the information right away.

Braton Prime

For the primary weapon, Braton Prime is the best one. You do not need to worry at all if you have this weapon on hand. You can defeat most enemies you meet. In the term of firepower, this one is the highest. Also, the recoil is really quick. Be sure to pick up this one if you want to become the badass player right away.

Twin Vipers Wrath

This twin gun is really useful if you face against multiple enemies at once. Unfortunately, the ammo of the weapon is really low.  You need to bring suffice ammo in order to use this one repeatedly. Also, the accuracy of this weapon is not really good. So, do not aim too far or you tend to miss a shoot. Keep your distance while you use this.

warframe weapon list

Nami Skyla Prime

For players who do not like to use a gun, they must focus on melee power. And for that, Nami Skyla Prime is a good choice. It deals slash damage to all enemy. For your information, melee weapon has different types such as strike, blunt, and so on. We choose slash type because of most enemy weak against it. In order to get this weapon, you need to clear a special mission. Also, this one is considered as a twin blade. So, you unleash a consecutive combo to beat the enemy quickly.


Although you rarely use an Archwing weapon, you need to choose it in case you want to use it later. We recommend you pick Kaszas. This is a mid-range weapon. Another reason why we choose this one because it is a scythe and we love it very much. Of course, you can choose another one. But, if you want to have a balance weapon status, this is a good choice. We think this kind of weapon will help you in any situation.


That is all about the guide. Now, all players can enjoy this game without any difficulties. We also have a special gift for you. If you do not have enough currency, just visit a good website which we found. Visit here right away to know a big surprise you already waiting for.

Use Hill Climb Racing Hack and Get Free Gems and Coins (Has Been Proven!!!!)

hill climb racing hack

Many people already know that Hill Climb Racing is a really addicting game to play. There is no one doubts it. But, there is something that makes this game a little bit annoying, it is the currency systems which called Coins and Gems.I am sure that all of you must agree with me. Luckily, I have found something that can help me to get rid of that problem and now I am about to share it with all of you. So, do not go anywhere and keep reading this article until the end!

How Can I Get Free Coins and Gems?

Right now, I am going to tell you my real experience in getting a lot of Coins and Gems at once just for free. Maybe you think that there is no such way that I can get free Coins and Gems. I also think like that at the beginning. But, this is not a dream because I have found the way for real. It is by using Hill Climb Racing Hack.

I found this way when I was searching on the internet about how to get the Coins and Gems in Hill Climb Racing easily. Accidentally, I saw a website which offered the way to get them. I was unsure about that actually because I never see something like that before. But, because of the big curiosity that I had at that time, I visited the website to give it a try.

After I have read the article, I clicked a button which they said is used to generate free Coins and Gems. Then, I followed all the instructions that they have given and after that, I got my free Coins and Gems straight to my game account.

Where to Get Those Currency Systems for Free?

Now, I will tell you where I found the way to get free Coins and Gems. But, I cannot write the website’s name in this article so I will just give you the link to visit the website. Just click here and you will be brought to that website. There is where I can get the free currencies for this game.

You do not need to hesitate to try it because I have been tested it before I share it with you. Also, you will see some proofs and good reviews from some players that will convince you when you visit the website. So, there is no need to worry at all.


I think that it is enough for today and may this information will be useful for you. We will be really happy if it can be useful because I am happy to help other people. And do not forget to share this with others who may need it as well. So, thank you for reading and good luck!

5 Tips to be Happy in Life that You Should Have to Try!

tips to be happy in life

Sometimes it is hard to make ourselves happy rather than make someone happy. As we know that there are a lot of people who still could not find the real happiness in their life because of so many reasons. Many of them are trying to find some ways to make their life happier although it is hard to find for some people. And here, we are about to give you some tips to be happy in life that is worth to try. We have some tips which hopefully can help you to make your life happier. So, let us take a look!

Do Something That You Like

do something that you like

People often doing something that other people like to do rather than doing what they like the most. It is because of they afraid that they will be called as an outdated people or they will not have a friend if they do not follow what their friends do. Actually, it is not wrong at all. But, it would be better if we can do what we like rather than following what other people like to do. Our life would be happier if we can do the things that we like to do.

Balance Between Work and Life

balance between work and life

One of the so many reasons why people cannot find their happiness is because they are too stress thinking of their job in the office. Moreover, they do not have a time for having fun. That is why we need to make it balance between our job and having fun so our life will become happier. But, we need to remember that having a lot of fun without working is not good for us.

Have a Plan for Your Life

Have a plan for our own life is really important as it is one of the ways to have a happier life. If we do not have any plan for our life like what we will be or what we gonna do in the future, it will be so hard for us to get a happy life. So, start from now on, make a plan for your life and you will have a happy life in the future.

Always be Grateful

Many are hard to be happy in their life because they are not grateful for what that they already have. You have to know that being grateful for everything that we have got is really important because we will feel better, more enthusiasm, and are willing to help other people in need. That is why it becomes one of the ways to have a happy life.

Socialize More

socialize more

Socializing with other people is really needed actually. But, there are a lot of people who are hard to socialize with others because they do not have the time for it or they are not interested to make a contact with the people around them. And because of this problem, people are hard to get their happiness in life. In fact, socializing with others will help you to get your happy life.


That is the last tips to be happy that we can share with you. If you want to have a happy life, you should follow all of our tips that have been given above. We really sure that you will find your own happiness if you follow our tips in the right way.