Natural Make Up Tutorial for a Natural Look Face

natural make up tutorial

Makeup application cannot be separated from the women. This is very important in order to make us look beautiful on every occasion. But, if you do not like to use excessive make up, then, you have come to the right place because here we would like to share the natural make up tutorial for all ladies out there. Now, if you really want it, let us follow all of our tips below.

Clean Your Face Firstly

cleaning face

Before applying every kind of makeup, you need to clean your face first to erase all the dirt that is sticking on your face. Use a facial foam to clean it and rub softly to all area of your face. After that, dry it with a dry towel. Then, apply a moisturizer to make your face skin moist since a dry skin can damage our face skin easily. And if you want, you can also apply the moisturizer with a foundation simultaneously.

Apply the Foundation


The foundation is function to flatten the striped skin color. And in order to get more natural and equitable result, using a special brush to apply the foundation is very recommended. The selection of foundation color is also important because a foundation which suitable for our skin tone is the key to have a great makeup result.Choose a foundation which one level darker of our skin color. Or you may try to mix two or three foundation colors to give a better result.

Use the Concealer


Concealer is really useful to cover up the disadvantages on our skin faces such as black stain acne scars, uneven skin color and disguises black eye bags There are some kinds of concealer such as the one with a stick form, cream, and liquid.In order to apply it, you can use your ring finger because it is usually more subtle, easier to control the movement, and lighter. And just remember to use the concealer after the foundation.

Do not Forget to Use Powder


Powder can give a more natural look when we apply it. That is why powder is quite important in applying makeup. And in order to get a better result, you can use a brush in applying a solid or sow powder on your face as it will make your face covered perfectly.

Use an Eyebrow Pencil

eyebrow pencil


Use an eyebrow pencil to frame your face perfectly. The trick is really easy and simple where you just need to shade it slowly from the tip of the eyebrow to the outside of the eyebrow, in accordance with the direction of your eyebrow. Using an eyebrow pencil will beautify the area around your eyes.

Apply the Eye Shadow


The next step is to apply the eyeshadow. But, make sure to use the concealer on your eyelids first before you apply the eyeshadow because it will make the eye shadow’s color more radiated and durable. Using a more natural and soft colors like pink, light brown, orange pastel, and etc. Use the eyeshadow thinly to show the natural impression of your make up.

Use an Eyeliner


You can apply an eyeliner as an additional makeup in order to beautify your eyelids and make your eyes look bigger. This one is an optional choice as you may apply it or not. But, we suggest you use it as well because it will give a lot of differences. There are three different types of eyeliner such as liquid, gel, and pencil. You do not need to confuse in applying this one because it is very easy to do. You just need to draw a line start from the tip of the inner eye until it leads out. Please to do it carefully or you will mess it all up.

Apply a Mascara


Flick your eyeliner by using an eyelash curler before using a mascara. Then, we can apply a waterproof mascara in order to avoid fade when we sweat and exposed to water. And for a more natural result, apply it as thin as possible.

The Final Step: Blush On

blush on

Apply your blush on by using your finger to get a natural result. But, if you would like to use a brush, just pat your cheek slowly before applying. We suggest you just use the blush on a little so you will look more natural and not too excessive. Also, choose the soft colors like peach, orange, and pink. And finally, use a lip moisturizer and apply a natural-colored lipstick like peach, nude or soft pink to make you look stunning and gorgeous.


That is all the steps that you should do in applying a natural make up. We really hope that this natural make up tutorial can help you a lot. And if you need more tips and tutorial, you can click this link (myshortnote) immediately.

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