Warframe Weapon Guide || Choose Your Best Weapon To Win the Battle Easily!

warframe weapon guide

Howdy guys? It seems you are in a good condition. Here, we want to offer you Warframe weapon guide. For some of you who have difficulties to choose the suitable weapon, we have the guide which you can follow. Do not hesitate anymore, let us see the information right away.

Braton Prime

For the primary weapon, Braton Prime is the best one. You do not need to worry at all if you have this weapon on hand. You can defeat most enemies you meet. In the term of firepower, this one is the highest. Also, the recoil is really quick. Be sure to pick up this one if you want to become the badass player right away.

Twin Vipers Wrath

This twin gun is really useful if you face against multiple enemies at once. Unfortunately, the ammo of the weapon is really low.  You need to bring suffice ammo in order to use this one repeatedly. Also, the accuracy of this weapon is not really good. So, do not aim too far or you tend to miss a shoot. Keep your distance while you use this.

warframe weapon list

Nami Skyla Prime

For players who do not like to use a gun, they must focus on melee power. And for that, Nami Skyla Prime is a good choice. It deals slash damage to all enemy. For your information, melee weapon has different types such as strike, blunt, and so on. We choose slash type because of most enemy weak against it. In order to get this weapon, you need to clear a special mission. Also, this one is considered as a twin blade. So, you unleash a consecutive combo to beat the enemy quickly.


Although you rarely use an Archwing weapon, you need to choose it in case you want to use it later. We recommend you pick Kaszas. This is a mid-range weapon. Another reason why we choose this one because it is a scythe and we love it very much. Of course, you can choose another one. But, if you want to have a balance weapon status, this is a good choice. We think this kind of weapon will help you in any situation.


That is all about the guide. Now, all players can enjoy this game without any difficulties. We also have a special gift for you. If you do not have enough currency, just visit a good website which we found. Visit here right away to know a big surprise you already waiting for.

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