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block strike starter guide

Do not insult this game because of the worst graphics. We are sure people who already played the game have a different thought about it. It is quite challenging like usual FPS game. If you do not be careful, you will lose in the battle right away. Rest assured guys, it will not happen if you read our Block Strike starter guide.

See the Number on the Gun

We are sure you notice there is a number on your gun. For you who do not know what it is, we will tell you right now. The number on your gun is the ammo. Remember, you cannot refill your ammo while on the stage. That is why you need to keep your ammo until the stage over. Actually, we do not need to tell about this because this is a basic. As a good player, you will see the ammo amount all the time.

Upgrade Your Weapon ASAP

When the first time you hit the upgrade the menu, you must upgrade all your weapon immediately. Do not worry about your money, you can get it easily later on. The benefits without a doubt you can kill your enemy easily with one shoot depend on your gun power.

block strike gameplay

There is No Map System

If you looking for a map to guide you in the stage, you only waste your energy. In this game, you cannot see any map. That is why it is quite dangerous if you walk around blindly. For the first time walk slowly to examine the area. If you already familiar with it, you can run and find another enemy to kill. This game not only about kills the enemy, you need to inspect all the area and decide which plan is the best to execute.

Find Your Shelter

The first thing you must do on the stage is to find a shelter. This is a place where you can rest for a while. Here, you can plan your strategy how to beat the enemy and change your weapon. Sometimes, you also find another player. Be sure to kill them if you find one to capture the shelter. Of course, another player can do the same to you. So, do not stay too long.


Playing this game is not really hard especially with our starter guide. For you who still have a problem in this game, just send us a message through the comment section below. We will help you to clear all your problem. Last but not least, if you have a problem with the currency in this game which is gold. Feel free to visit the awesome website we found to get Block Strike free gold.

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