About Me

Hello guys, do you know me? Do you ever see my name in the article that you read? Oh.. I think you don’t know me, right? Okay, let me introduce myself. My name is Karmila Apsari, you can call me Mila and I live in Tangerang, Indonesia. I was born on May 25, 1995. Then, my parents only have two daughters don’t have any son, first my sister she has been married and have one daughter, the second it’s me and I don’t have a brother. Actually, my hobbies are traveling and hang out with my friends or my family. I don’t like writing a story or article. Why I don’t like writing? Because I don’t have a skill for doing that. I spend much time for write. Yeah, I try to practice my brain and my imagination by writing one article every day. It’s very hard to me but, I believe I can do it. Now, I have a new hobby that’s call writing.

Why I Call Writing as My New Hobby?

Because writing is my job and I get a wage for it. I write some article, like tips, story, news or others. You know when I begin to write I must be quiet and have a good mood. If I have a bad mood, I can’t write anything. Do you know how long I need the time to write? I spend 3 – 4 hours for write one article because I have trouble with my brain I call it with buffering. It’s like a joke but, you know it is the real story that happens to me. I don’t know why I am like that, I keep trying to fix it. Although I ever fail I always try and try until I can do better. Yeah, I practice write some article every day. Before, I give my article to my editor. Sometimes, I ask my friends how about my article that’s good or not? If they say no I will check it again. After that, I will give it to my editor. Now, you know, right? Why I call writing as my new hobby because it’s my job. I enjoy my new hobby as a writer. New hobby appears because you do that every day.

Find Out the Latest News in My Blogger

Do you need some information, like tips, news or others? Yeah, you can find it in my blogger. In my blogger, I have much information that I share with you. Sometimes, I write my article appropriate with my experience. You can visit this blogger wherever you are. I update one article every day. I hope you will be enjoying with my articles in my blogger. Here, you can get all information that you need. Not only that, you can share an article that you like with your friends. Then, you can give some suggestion or comment for me. Don’t worry, I will read your comments. When you feel bored, you can visit my blogger here. Thank you and goodbye, have a nice day!