How to Get Over an Anime Addiction || See the Tips From Ours!

anime addiction

Anime indeed become the hilarious show for all people around the world. There are many interesting aspects which keep all the viewer’s become addicted to it. We also feel the same, after we watch it for a while. Now, we would like to give you some tips how to get over an anime addiction, please pay full attention to this matter.

Limit Your Time to Watch Anime Show

If you usually use your half day to watch anime, you need to limit it for now on. It is not good for your health and socialization. Can you imagine watching a video for half a day without resting? It will damage your health in the process. At least you watch it 2 hours per day, we know it is hard because there are tons of anime episodes. If you only watch it for 2 hours it will make you want to watch it again. But you need to restrain it at all cost.

Do Not Buy Any Anime Goods

After you watched your favorite show, you want to buy something which related to that stuff. For example, like a t-shirt, action figure, and many things related to your favorite show. If you keep buying it, it will be hard to get over your addiction. Also, the price is not really cheap as you think. You will waste all your money.

how to get over anime addiction

Do Another Activity

You can do another activity with your friends. We know it is hard because you usually watch anime in your house alone. It will be hard for you to start a conversation with people you rarely meet. But if you have a will to get over the addiction, this is a good method to start.

Differentiate Fantasy and Reality

People who usually watch an anime show cannot differentiate fantasy and reality. They will act like the anime character and change their personality to match their favorite character. In order to get over this addiction, you need to differentiate both of them. Anime show only for entertainment purpose to make all people happy, you cannot bring to the reality and disturb people around with that. If you already reached that level, it will be hard for you to come back to reality.

Final Words

That is the simple way to overcome anime addiction. Hopefully, it can help all of you to clear it. For you who still have a lot of problem regarding this matter, do not hesitate to ask for a better solution. We will help you anytime. Before we say goodbye, check out the best anime ever created. This is our gift to you.

The Best Anime Ever Created | Watch Now if You Never Watch It Before!

the best anime ever created

Anime is the Japanese cartoon film. The term Anime is used to call the cartoon film in Japan. As we know, anime is really popular. Every part of this world must know about it because there are a lot of good anime to watch. The stories are different from one to another and really imaginative. But, from so many Japanese cartoons, there are some of the best anime ever created that you should not miss. And here, we already prepare five of them. So, just check it out!



Doraemon is one of the most popular anime since more than a decade up until now. This anime tells us the story of a boy named Nobita who have a lot of difficulties in his life. Then, Doraemon, a cat robot from the 20th century which has a lot of magical things is sent to help him. Not only has a good story, Doraemon also teaches us a lot of good and positive things that we can apply in our daily life.

Hunter X Hunterhunter x hunter

The next one is Hunter X Hunter. This anime also very popular because it serves us a really great adventure of a boy named Gon and his friends in becoming a great Hunter. In this film, we will see a lot of action and fighting scenes which will entertain us. The story is really interesting and exciting to watch, that is why this anime is deserved to be named as the best anime ever created.



No one can deny that Naruto should be added to this list. It is because this anime is really good to watch. This anime tells the story of Naruto who is aiming to become a Hokage one day. In this anime, we will see the ninjas fighting each other with their amazing ninja skills. Because of the success of Naruto, the creator also created Naruto Shippuden which is the continuation of the Naruto film.

Captain Tsubasa

captain tsubasa

Who does not know about this anime? The anime which tells the football story of Tsubasa Ozora. His story is really interesting to watch because we can learn a lot of things on how to become a great footballer. And for your information, Captain Tsubasa can be said as one of the most popular anime of all time as it has been aired in so many countries.



Pokemon is the most popular anime since the 90’s era up until now. We can say that it is the most popular one because the anime itself still have new episodes until this moment. Even it has a card game and game version on consoles or mobile that all Pokemon lovers can play. Although this anime has existed for more than two decades, it still has a lot of fans all over the world.


What do you think of our list of the best anime ever created above? Do you have the same opinion as us? If you have a different thought about it, you can share your opinion with us by sharing it in the comment box below. And if you never watch those anime before then, you should watch it after this!

Fall Anime 2017 || See The Best Show Which Entertains You!

fall anime 2017

For anime lover, each season is a sacred moment to wait for a new anime. Now, the fall season almost over, that is why we give you a list of the best one. We are sure all people have a different opinion regarding this matter. Now, let us see the best fall anime 2017 right away.

Shokugeki No Souma Season 3 (Food Wars)

shokugeki no souma season 3

In the first place, we have Shokugeki No Souma or also known as Food Wars in English. This anime tells a story about a boy named Souma who loved cooking. As a result, his father asks him to enter Totsuki academy, this is a school which specialized in cooking. This a perfect place for Souma to hone his skill in the cooking world. In this third season, Souma still challenges all the student to fight against him. Why he do this? Of course, to become the best chief in the cooking world. So, what will you see in the third season of this series? Watch it immediately.

Ousama Game (King’s Game)

ousama game

Next one is the horror anime this season. Actually, this is not the best one, you will agree with us after you watch this one. The story of the anime tells about 32 students who participated in a King’s game. The King’s will order the students to do something ridiculous either to break their own hand or kill someone. The students must follow the order within 24 hours. If they do not follow it, the king will give them a punishment. The protagonist Nobuaki participate in the game itself. His objective in this game is to uncover the real identity of the King and save his friends. The story in this anime is quite confusing. We recommend you read the Manga as the references before watching this.

Fate Apocrypha

fate apocrypha

We are sure all of you already know about Fate series. Do not think this one will follow the same storyline like Fate Stay Night. This one completely different and takes place in a different universe. Unlike the usual Fate series who have 7 servants (heroic Spirits from the past like King Arthur), this series features 14 servants in a different faction. There are black faction and red faction. Of course, the interesting part of this series is the appearance of Jeanne D’arc as a ruler who watches the war from both factions. The objective of the wars still the same, it is to obtain a Holy Grail which can grant any wishes to the winner.

Just Because

just because

The last one in the list is a romance anime. It tells about four high school kids and about their regret from the past. If you are the type of people who like both drama and romance, this is a great show for you. But, we must warn you, the early episode is really boring and makes you sleepy. Because you only see their daily life and the conflict do not appear at all. After a few episodes, you can enjoy this anime from the bottom of your heart.


That is the four anime which you can watch in the fall season. We do not know why anime this season not really good like the previous one. But, it is not that bad if you give it a try. For people who have another recommendation about another one, just write down in the comment section below.

5 Anime Romantic Movies that Make You Impressed!

the best anime romantic movies

Are you tired of watching an anime tv series with the action genre or something? Why don’t you try to watch anime romance movies? On this time, I recommend you the best anime romantic movies that are suitable to watch for you who have a boyfriend or you are single. Japan is never boring to produce anime by lifting a variety of genres that became the talk of many anime fans in various countries. Like romantic anime that still continues to appear with a variety of themes. The stories with interesting elements also very difficult to miss. Therefore, I will tell you some romantic anime which very recommended to watch and will make you shed tears.

5 Anime Movies with Romantic Genre

your name movie

  • Your Name

This film tells about two high school teens named Mitsuha and Taki. Mitsuha is a girl who lives in a mountainous area and wants to go to Tokyo. While Taki is a boy who lives in Tokyo. He spends his time playing with his friend and working part time in an Italian restaurant. Due to the strange phenomenon, the two teenagers experience body exchange. Where Mitsuha became Taki and Taki became Mitsuha. They both try to find information between each other by wearing different bodies.


  • The Anthem of the Heart

Tells the story of a girl named Jun. Jun’s little time is a happy girl until in the end the words he uttered make his parents separate. Not wanting to hurt other people’s feelings, Jun closed his mouth and refused to speak. One day, Jun was selected as a member of the Exclusive Regional Student Exchange Committee. With his friends, Jun is practicing to perform a musical. During practice as well, Jun also met with someone he loved. This anime romantic movies become the best movie in Japan.


  • Tamako Love Story

Tamako Love Story tells about 1 year since Tamako Market finished, so now Tamako and her friends are in grade 3 high school. As time goes by, Mochizou’s friend Tamako wants to express his love for Tamako whom he has loved since childhood. He wanted to express his feelings before he went to Tokyo to study film so he did not regret not to express his love to Tamako. This movie certainly will make you sad.

I want to Let you know that I Love You

  • I want to Let you know that I Love You/ Zutto Mae Kara Suki Desshita

Zutto Mae Kara Suki Desita tells about the problematic love story of a teenager in the world of school, like love clapping one hand, jealous, do not want to express the feeling until finally the preferred person is cornered by others. A third-year student in Sakuragaoka High School, Natsuki Enomoto has feelings towards his childhood friend named Yuu Setoguchi. But he was unable to express his feelings. Surely you don’t want to miss this film while watching this one.

5 cm per second

  • 5cm Per Second

This movie is telling about Tono Takaki and Akari Shinohara who are childhood friends. They are both always together even they are ridiculed by his classmates as a pair of lovers. Due to family problems, the two close friends gradually grow further and further apart as time moves. They exchange contacts with SMS or email. As time went on, their contacts between each other began to stop. Years and the distance between them already passed. Then, this also become one of the best anime romantic movies to watch.