How to Give a Good Presentation? Check Out the Tips Here!

how to give a good presentation

Giving a presentation can be happened anywhere such as at school, at work, and etc. People often do this in order to deliver their thought or to teach others. Sometimes people think that giving a good presentation is really hard. But actually, it doesn’t. It becomes hard because you get nervous. But, if you follow some tips on how to give a good presentation from me, I’m sure that you will find it easy to present your material. So, without further ado, let’s start to check it out!

How to Give a Good Presentation

Don’t be Nervous

Nervous is the biggest obstacle for every people in order to give their presentation. While nervous we often forget about what we are going to tell to the other. So, in order to give a good presentation, you should stay calm and think clearly. Try to calm yourself by listening to the music or drink a hot tea before you start your presentation. This way often works on me while I’m about to give a presentation. The key is to relax and just think like you are speaking with your friends.

Stay Focus and Stick with the Point

When you are telling your presentation topic, you have to stay focus and try to keep on the track. For example, when you explain about A, don’t get out of the track and explain about B. Your audience will be confused if you make a big mistake like that. So, keep telling what you are about to tell and don’t tell anything else outside of your topic or you will ruin your presentation.

Keep Smile and Don’t Forget with Eye Contact

While giving a presentation, never put a flat face. An expression like this is not good because it will make your audience become uncomfortable while hearing your presentation. Also, you cannot forget about the eye contact. This is one of the most important aspects in giving a presentation. Try to always look at your audience while you are speaking. Don’t look at the other things because it means that you are ignoring your audience like there is no one else in the room beside you.

Speak Louder

Giving a presentation means that you speak in front of so many people. So, while speaking in a situation like this, you should speak louder. As you know, if you speak too low, your voice won’t be heard by the people in the back row. Only the people in the front row who can hear your voice. Finally, the other people on the back row doesn’t get the point of your presentation. So, everything that you have presented will be useless.

Use Your Body Language

Body Language also important in order to give a good presentation. Without giving any body language, you will look like a stiff person and it will make your presentation uninteresting. But, if you use your body language, it will make your presentation more interesting and it will attract the audience attention.

So, that’s all the tips on how to give a good presentation from me. If you have a presentation in the near future, make sure that you apply all the tips above because they are really helpful. Then, thank you for reading my article and good luck on your presentation.

8 Ball Pool Game Trick, How To Get Coins? Let’s See This!

8 ball pool game trick

The game genre is a sport. This game can also be played single or multiplayer. Game 8 Ball Pool requires the internet connection. But there are also game features that can be played offline. If you want to play online we must use a facebook account, google, or we can also use the guest account. Besides that, you also can invite friends to game with your social account to play together. But do you know the 8 Ball Pool game trick? It’s not only about the gameplay that you must understand while playing this game, you also need coins for change into any stuff or play in other country selection.

8 Ball Pool Game Online serve interesting feature. Then this game has 4 menu selection for play such 1 on 1, tournament, mini-games, and with friends. For the menu here, each has a different display and function. For playing them, we need many coins for change into coins which we use for win the billiard match. So how is the way?

8 ball pool game


How to Get Free Coins in 8 Ball Pool Game?

Even though it seems so unfair for us, but it can’t be denied if we need a simple and quick way to get a convenience. For this time I will share with you 8 Ball Pool generator to you. You know? This tools will give you lots of free coins which you can use to play this game for changing with any stuff or to play this game.

That’s why I share this with you, so don’t need to give up or hopeless if you don’t get the trick. You don’t need to stay up until late night and staying in front of a computer for a long time only to find this tool. You also don’t need to spend your money to buy the coins. I’m so happy and would like to say bug thanks for the website which already share 8 Ball Pool game trick. Because if I’m not found this tool on that website, I will never able to enjoy to play this game with a variety of menu inside.

8ball pool free coins

What is the Coins Function in this game?

Besides that thing above, we also can use this for change with any stuff such cues or get more chat packs, and so on. If we have lots of coins, we don’t need to buy this or do any purchase also. Can you imagine if we have enough coins? We can buy the cue that we like and get more chat packs so we can socialize with the player we are playing against.

Ok, guys, I think my article today about 8 Ball Pool game trick is enough for today. If you think my article today is useful enough for you, please share my article with the other player. Who knows they will find the solution or solve their problem to get free coins. Then, don’t forget to leave a comment to let me know what kind of tricks do you want me to share. See you on the next my article guys! Have a nice day 🙂

Review of Roblox Online Game |

roblox online game

Hello, pals! This time I would like to share about a Roblox online game with you. I write this one based on my experience while trying to play this game. Actually, this game was special to be played among the young kids or teenagers. This is an online game that you can play only on the website. Every virtual explorer comes to this game play a game, create adventures, role play and etc with their friends. Here I would give the review of Roblox online game for the gameplay and the trick. What are they? Let’s check here!

Roblox GamePlay

Roblox gameplay

Roblox is an amazing game that looks similar to Minecraft game, this game is launched a few years ago. Although from gameplay this game is far higher and much better than Minecraft. This game is very simple and fun, but this gameplay is based on levels, you must finish the play at every level to continue to the next level. You can battle with millions of players while playing this game. In this game, you also can customize a lot of unique character as yours. Then, you may also custom clothing, gears, hats and other things for your character.

Roblox Game Trick

roblox game trick

There are so many people asking me how to get so much Robux and Tix without spending any money. Well, they ask it to me it’s because they always see my character use the newest equipment and buy it using Robux. Actually, between Robux and Tix having the same function, you can buy clothing or other items by using that one. But a Tix more easy to get rather than Robux. Do you know how much time I spend to find out this tricks? I spend more than 5 hours every day and 2 consecutive sleepless night to find out this tricks. Do you know how many websites I visit and how much junk files I download to find out this tricks? It’s uncountable! Well, because I’m a kind person I will share you this

For getting a Robux it is not easy, I ever think for a simple and quick way to get it. But I think it’s only a dream. Because I’m very curious about it and I don’t want to give up to find it, I always try for a long time. Do you know how much time I spend to find out this tricks? I spend my time to searching this tricks. There are many websites I visit and much of fake article that I already download for the trick. Then, without my prediction, I found it immediately, a Roblox hack was shared in this web. This really work like a charm! You’ve to try by yourself guys!

Ok, I think my article about a review of Roblox online game here is enough. Hopefully, this article is very useful for you. Don’t forget to share this one with your partner or friends also, you must tell them how the tools work. See you soon in my next article and have a nice day, guys.

Suitable Fashion For Thin Women – 5 Outfits To Wear

suitable fashion for thin women

As a woman, whatever body shape you have, you want to always look beautiful and attractive. There is a suitable fashion for thin women which very proper to wear. Sometimes, the shape of the body becomes a problem for us to appear confident. For some women, there may be difficulty to find a model of clothing that suits his body shape. Slowly guys, not all women who have a thin body can not look stylish, they can still look beautiful with the appropriate fashion.

5 Outfits For Thin Women

Most of the women won’t be careless in wearing clothes. The reason is, they don’t want their thin body looks thinner. Bones on the prominent shoulders can also make you look more skinny. Therefore you should choose the best outfit for thin women that suitable to wear. Here I will share suitable fashion for thin women which can make them look a bit fat. Let’s check here!

Avoid Plain Clothes

For those of you who have a thin body, avoid tight clothes. Actually, this will make you look thinner. Also, do not use clothes that have no motif or plain. It will also give the impression of thinness. Use clothes that have the volume to make it more comfortable to look at.

Motifs Clothes

To give a bit look fat, use a horizontal line-topped outfit. Horizontal lines will give the impression of a wider chest. You can also use tribal-patterned clothes or motifs of the present that do not look flat.

Use Bright Color

Clothes with bright colors will make you look more contained. Avoid using clothes that are dark, because the clothes with dark color will bring out a slim outlook. A pink, pastel, yellow, and blue color can be your choice to dress.

Choose two-piece clothes, compared to the dress

Using pants with shirts or skirts and top clothes, these more advisable for you who have a skinny body than wearing a jumpsuit. The trick of separating this part of the body will give the illusion of the body shape that won’t make you look flat. This will show a curve on your body shape.

Use a belt, so that the curve of the body more visible

In addition to giving the illusion of curves, belts can also beautify the appearance. Use a small belt when wearing a dress or oversized shirt. But be careful, do not use a belt that is too big, because it can make the body look short. Suits these accessories with your outfit.

So, one of the advantages of having a thin body is the ease of wearing clothes with many kinds model and variation. You do not have to bother looking for a larger size for your clothes, especially if the clothes you want it only has one size or all size. For a skinny woman, it’s not a problem. But don’t choose a bad fashion for your body. Hopefully, suitable fashion for thin women above can be useful for you guys. Have a nice day!

Smart Tips To Renovate a Small Bedroom – How To Make It Looks Attractive?

tips to renovate a small bedroom

Having a limited bedroom it doesn’t mean that you can’t make your room looks stylish and attractive. If you are confused to arrange it, you should see the tips to renovate a small bedroom here. Why I write this topic for you? Because I also have a limited space in my bedroom. That is why I want to share this one with you.

Why should you arrange and renovate your room? As we know that bedroom is the best place for everyone to release their tired. Therefore we must think and determine what kind of suitable concept that proper to apply. If you have a small bedroom and you want to renovate it, you must check width or size of your room first.Think smart tips for your room is a must. Because if your room has a small space, then you can’t adjust with a suitable concept design, it will make your room look so bad. For that, you must check the tips here!

small bedroom designs

Tips To Organize Your Small Bedroom

How to make your small room looks spacious? There are some tips that you can follow to make your room perfect and looks wider by doing a smart organization for renovating bedroom. I share this one because I get this tips from the best review of home design and I have been seeing from the best designer. You can see and check the tips to renovate a small bedroom here!

  • Adjust a bed with a medium size, don’t use too big size so your space in your bedroom won’t be used too much. You have to be smart also while placing your bed inside. Put on the right position to avoid a crowded impression. This will make a space at your room looks bigger also. Should position your bed facing the wall. Leave a room for the window so that a light can enter maximally.


  • Choose neutral colors to fit your bedroom. With a calm color and not too flashy will give a broad and cool effect on your room. In addition, if you want to choose other colors, you can combine them with the neutral colors. And try not to make it look more contrast.


  • Use storage shelves with models that stick to the wall. This is very effective to make your room look more simple. Such shelves can also be used as interior decoration of your room. You also can add other ornaments and wall features that put on the wall such as picture or artwork. This makes your bedroom more charming and looks stylish. Besides that, put a big mirror that can bring out wide and bigger effects to your room.


  • Use a minimalist closet in accordance with the existing space in the agar room. This can help save space in your room. No matter the size of the important cabinets you can use in accordance with its function.


  • Choose a bedspread and a horse with a color that matches the color of your wall paint to avoid contrast. And most important is to provide good lighting for your bedroom. Because if you have a narrow room and no lighting, this will make your room stuffy.

That’s all that I can share with you, guys. I hope the tips to renovate a small bedroom here will bring out you a lot of inspiration. Good luck!

How To Improve Your Public Speaking Skills? The Best Method To Follow

how to improve your public speaking skills

Sometimes people are not confident to speak in public. Therefore we must know how to improve your public speaking skills. Especially in communicating using English, it can show a personality that excels at someone. The way we speak English and communicate can determine our position.

Public speaking skills are something to train, especially if you are an introvert or your confidence is not high enough. These skills can be done with a little practice and confidence. For presentations or interacting with others, use the following methods here to improve your speaking skills in public. To speak in public as well, you need good preparation, thought, and confident behavior, and pay attention to your voice and body language. For more details, you should note the following things below! This is very important and you need to know so that you can develop public speaking skills. For more details, let’s check this out!

The Best Method To Improve Our Speaking Skills

  • Believe in yourself

    Do not lose the trust that exists within us, we must be sure that we can do it. It is common to lose confidence and motivation within us, but we must keep trying and looking forward. Make it sure that we are able to talk to the other person in public, especially in English. This is one of the keys how to improve your public speaking skills.

  • Master the material to be discussed

    In a public, we must prepare the material to be conveyed. The nature of the official talks is different from ordinary conversation. In the official talk, there is always a goal to be achieved. For example in a presentation, the purpose of the presentation is to discuss, discuss and inform something to others. Whether the presentation or anything we want to talk about in public, we must understand and know what we want to say before.

  • Do the exercises intensively

    For maximum results in doing something will never be separated from the habits and exercises done. Before showing or speaking in public, we have to practice it intensively. This will help us to show or deliver something perfectly.
  • Positive thinking to yourself

    Positive thinking is also one of the keys to success in formal communication/talks. Many cases occur, one is unable to speak well in public because they do not think positively to themselves. They always assume that they can’t or isn’t talented here. In order to be able to speak effectively then we must think positively, we emphasize in ourselves that we are capable of doing this.

  • Try to practice

    After all of the above is done well, then the last thing to do is try to practice. What we have tried should be tried, do not think about the results, the important one is our action. For good results may not be instantaneous, but it takes a long process while continuing to hone skills with practice and self-evaluation.

Let’s practice how to improve your public speaking skills by following that method above! You should be patient and believe that you can do it perfectly. So, apply the step above and get the best result after you follow the public speaking techniques here! Good luck.

Road Riot Game Review Based on My Experience For You!

road riot game review

Do you know a Road Riot game? What do you think about this game? If you are a true gamer, surely you are familiar with this game. By the way, today I would like to give you a little bit Road Riot game review to gain free gems and coins based on my experience. Surely all of you wanna get this to your account, right? Yeah, that’s why you must know and find it to make you easy while playing here.

This is a simple game which you can play. It is possible to play for all of the ages. But is doesn’t matter how you should play, the important one in this game is you should gain a lot of gems either coins to your account. Therefore, you must read and find the best solution here. For that, I have to find the best way to collect it. This is very important for us to know the trick to get it. Besides, we play this game as a usual game, we must think how is the way to earn both to my account. But you must know that how to get it isn’t easy. Maybe some of you were confused to think the tips to obtain it. Surely, you are curious about this. So, I will give you a Road Riot game review special for you guys!

This time I write about this game review which includes a simple tip to you. I will share how to collect gems and coins easily without doing any purchase. You may follow the steps here. I want to give the best way for you. Do not wait so long, let’s check this out and see how is it here!

Road Riot Tips For Getting Free Gems and Coins

road riot free gems and coins

With such a big amount of Road Riot in my account, I can do everything that I want in this game. I don’t have to play really hard to obtain gems and coins in this game. Unlike the other players who work really hard just to get it. And now, my progress in this game is so amazing. So, click and follow tips of Road Riot hack here. It will bring you straight to the best guide for gain it. I’m sure you will be happy after you follow this tip that I shared with you.

I would like to say thank you to the website who give this tip which very useful for me and also for other players who have a difficulty in gaining gems and coins. Hopefully, they can give us more game’s hack in the future. Surely you feel satisfied after trying this, right? Me too, guys! So, that’s all the Road Riot game review from me. I really hope you can enjoy while reading this. Let’s prove this Road Riot game tips to gain free gems and coins! If you want to get other information, you can visit my website, there is a lot of information for you! Have a nice day guys.

The Benefits of Hula Hoop Exercise For Our Health and Body Shape

benefits of playing hula hoop

Do you ever and like to play hula hoop? This is a very simple game tool to play. But do you know that there are benefits of hula hoop exercise for our diet and health? Yes, although this looks easy to play, for those of you who don’t know how to use and difficult to do this exercise. Therefore, you must know first a technique to play, so that this hula hoop can rotate on your waist. If you play and regularly do this, you will know the benefits to your body.

A hula hoop is one of the game and also a super powerful sport for the process of weight loss. Playing hula hoop is not only fun, but it can be a great workout or exercise for us. Besides that, this tool is a kind of traditional tool which used for sports. Maybe you are still confused and don’t know what the benefits of this hula hoop exercise. If you are curious, keep reading this article. I will give you some information to be read!

5 Benefits of Hula Hooping For Us

What are the benefits of practicing hula hoops? Here is the information for you that you should know about benefits of hula hoop exercise!

  • Reduce the fat in the abdomen and waist

    Hula hoops have benefits for reducing fat in the abdomen. For those of you who feel have a distended belly or a fat waist section then you can do this sport to support your appearance. When we do hula hoop, then the stomach will be actively moving in a circle with tools that are already available. Thus the fat in our stomach can burn and eventually disappear. Do this 30 minutes a day with a routine to get satisfactory results.

  • Improve concentration and focus

    Movement while playing hula hoop while rocking is not an easy movement to do. It takes a strong concentration to keep the hula hoop from falling for a long time. In addition, this tool is also very helpful in improving our concentration because when we want to play it we must also focus so that this tool can rotate in our hips.

  • Preventing stress

    By playing hula hoop on a regular basis can stimulate the production of endorphin hormones in the brain, causing feelings of pleasure. This will help reduce our stress that we experience. With a good mood, then you are also protected from stress and depression.

  • Idea back muscles

    When doing this sport, automatically backs will always be upright. Why? because when we play it, our waist will keep the hula hoop, so it will not fall. This will indirectly make the back becomes healthier and avoid the wrong back position such as bending.

  • Tighten the thigh muscles

    All women definitely do not want to have sagging thighs. The hula hoop game is the best solution to make muscle on thighs. Shake the hula hoop at your waist every morning for 30 minutes. Do this exercise regularly, then the thigh muscles become slim and tight.

That’s all the glimpse information about the benefits of hula hoop exercise for our health and body shape. If we do this routine, so we can get satisfying results. For you who want to do a simple diet exercise, this is the best solution for you to follow! Let’s do this healthy diet exercise right now!

Surprisingly Benefits of Strawberries – Health and Beauty Treatment

benefits of strawberries

Many people today choosing natural facial treatments with fruits. Like the following, I will discuss the benefits of strawberries fruit for our facial beauty. In the content of sour fruit, it turns out this fruit has a good function for us both health and beauty. It’s very important for you guys to know!

Strawberry is the most popular fruit in the world because of a sweet or sour taste.This is rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, all of which are easily absorbed by the body. Strawberries contain lots of vitamins A, B, B2, B3, B5, B6, C, beta -carotene, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, zinc, and iron. Because the content of vitamin C in strawberry fruit is very high then it is no wonder if the strawberry fruit can boost the immune system thoroughly as well as help the body fight infections like colds and flu. But let’s see what are the benefits of strawberries fruit for our health and beauty below!

Amazing Benefits of Strawberry For Us

amazing benefits of strawberry

Eliminate acne

Salicylic acid here will help lift dead skin cells to make brighter. In addition, strawberry content is also believed to eliminate acne. The skin types suitable for this are those whose skin type is oily. The trick is to mix strawberries that have been pounded sufficiently with sour cream. Stir until well blended to a paste. Apply evenly on the face and neck that is clean. Let stand for 10 minutes then rinse thoroughly with warm water and repeat with clean water.

Brighten the skin

Shattered as much as 3 or four pieces by pounding or blending. After really fine apply it as a mask. Paste it on the cleaned face and wait for it to dry. The last step after dry is rinsing with clean water and dry with a towel or facial tissue.

Maintaining Our Eyes

The main reasons for almost all eye problems are free radicals and certain nutritional deficiencies. With age and lack of protective nutrients, free radicals will easily cause eye problems. Some anti-oxidants such as vitamin C and flavonoids are present in strawberries, which can counteract the development associated with age-related eye diseases such as cataracts and macular degeneration.

Maintain brain function

Strawberry has an antioxidant such as vitamin C and phytochemicals which can help to improve our brain function. Strawberries are also rich in iodine that can help maintain brain function and nervous system. This is good for our health especially to increase our memory.

Maintain the immune system

With a high vitamin C which contained in it, it is good for our immune. A cup of strawberries contains lots of vitamin C, an antioxidant that is effective in helping to lower blood pressure and maintain the immune system.
That’s all the health and beauty benefits of strawberries that I can share with you. Hopefully, this very useful for you to get an information about healthy life. Consume this fruit or make a mask to get the best result for yourself. Let’s see the surprising benefits of health and beauty treatment above.

The Benefits of Egg Whites – Healthy and Beauty Treatment

the benefits of egg whites

Did you know that egg white can be used as beauty treatments? There are the benefits of egg whites for our beauty and health that you may not know guys. For that, I will share this little information to you. Keep reading on this article pals!

As we know eggs have a high protein content and good for our bodies. However, do you know any other benefits we can get to our beauty and health of our faces? Besides egg whites that are good to eat, definitely, we can also make it as a beauty masked. Lots of good benefits for our face which can we get by using this egg white mask. How to make this mask is also easy. For those of you who have blackheads, acne, or other problems on your face, you can try this natural mask to overcome it. Therefore, don’t wait so long, let’s see what are the benefits of egg whites for our face. Let’s check this out!

Amazing Effects of Egg Whites For Our Beauty

5 beuty effects of egg whites

  • Reduce the problem of acne on your face

Egg whites that contain lots of amino acids and these proteins turned out very reliable to remove acne. If your face is acne, this is the best solution to relieve your inflamed acne. Egg white you can use as a masking routine. Apply to face evenly, let stand for 30 minutes, and wash your face clean.

  • Overcoming oily skin

For you who want to take advantage of the egg to remove the oil on your face, it so easy guys! Firstly, take and separate the white of egg, then stir in a sandalwood powder. After that apply on our face to get rid of oily skin naturally. Wait for a few minutes to dry and then rinse thoroughly.

  • Eliminate the dark circles under the eyes

This is one of the problems that interfere with our appearance, especially in the face area. This dark circle in your eyes can be overcome by using egg whites. You just need to stir the egg and then apply it to the bottom of the eye. For maximum results, do not forget to put cucumber slices on the eyes. It guaranteed this way can also make your eyes look fresher.

  • Regenerates the skin

Make your skin more beautiful and healthy with protein in eggs that can help it to regenerate. The trick is you just mix the egg whites with honey and lemon, then apply on sunburned skin. This herb can also help you to have clean and toned skin.

  • Softens our skin

Protein which content found in egg has a good benefit that can help soften our skin and shrink the pores. Take those benefits by mixing the egg whites and yogurt. Then apply as a face mask. You should do this twice a week routine to get a satisfactory result.

So. don’t be worried if you have a skin problem above. Follow those tips how to overcome it by using the egg whites. Let’s get the benefits of egg whites for your beauty skin right now! Have a nice day guys.