WWE Supercard Starter Guide || The Things You Should Know Before Playing the Game!

wwe supercard starter guide

WWE Supercard is a different game unlike your usual WWE. If the previous game you need to memorize the button combo, right now you do not need to do that. Here, you need to learn how to become the good card battler. We made WWE Supercard starter guide to help you in this game. For further information, read our article thoroughly.

Do not Level Up Your Card Randomly

wwe supercard level up

For the first time, we know it is really essential to level up your card as fast as possible. But, it will only waste your resources. We recommend you do not level it up it unless you are sure the card is useful on your deck. If you get a rare or legendary card, you can upgrade it immediately. As for the rest, you need to think first after that you maximize the level of it.

About Your Deck

wwe supercard deck

Imagine what kind of deck you want to use. If you want to focus on power for example, you need to collect a wrestler which have a good power and support card to buff your fighter. Be sure to match the card with a compatible one. You will gain many advantages for sure. Do not ever include defense-type wrestler on the offense deck. It will disturb the balance on your deck formation.

Save Your Booster Card

If you manage to get booster card, do not use it immediately. There is a time you can use it. This is a good card which can boost your fighter. Do not use it unless in the urgent situation. Of course, you can get it by offering some of your credits. But, you need to save your credits to buy more cards. So, you have limited resources. For you who disobey our warning, you will know the side effects later on.

See the Tutorial

It is really important to see the tutorial with the game you do not familiar with. For your information the tutorial in this game is really useful and easy to understand. In the end of the tutorial, you will also see some tips which help you to play the game. For a smart gamer, do not ever skip this.


Actually, this game is not that hard as you think. If you already know the mechanism of it, you will become the champion immediately. Also, we found a good website which can generate unlimited free credits. Is it possible? The answer is yes. If you curious, visit here immediately to find out the truth.

What Should You Know About Getting Roblox Free Robux?

Roblox Free Robux

Robux is the most important currency in Roblox. Everyone tends to get this one because they want to buy a new outfit for their characters. We know, it is absolutely hard to get Robux except we sell a game access to other players. The only way to get Robux is to swipe our parent’s credit card then we can buy Robux as we needed. However, it would cost your money a lot.

We are sure, you would like to get free Robux in Roblox. There are many giveaways we can follow on every youtube video but the chance to get the winning is not easy as we thought. We need to understand the rules, how much people follow the event, and the authority itself. It does not rule out the possibility they might scam you. It is a common thing that everyone faces.

What secret I would like to share is to get free Robux without any limit. Do not worry about this one, if you do not believe it. You may simply leave this page and you can find another giveaway that you might think it is real. I never force anyone to try this.

What Should You Prepare?

Actually, there is some preparation that we have to do such as a suitable device. If your device is too old, maybe this method will not work because it will cost out your device’s resources. Such as Cloak Speed and RAM. Then, you also need to have a stable internet connection, if your connection is too slow then it could fail your process.

After you have them all, you can start using Roblox Hack. We call it as a hack because it uses glitches that happen in the game system. I have no idea about how the system works, I just know that it really gives me much Robux to my account.

How Long has the Process Taken?

It could take about 5 minutes, depending on how busy the server is. If it is too busy then you cannot do anything else. You have to wait until the traffic back to normal, it happens to me for many times. I know it is so annoying but as long as they really give what we requested then there is nothing wrong. We also use it for free, right?

That is what we can share with you about this Roblox Hack. We really hope you can enjoy using this tool, let us buy outfits as many as we can.

How to Overcome Laziness? Erase it completely with Our Tips!

how to overcome laziness

Laziness is a bad habit which makes all people lazy to do anything. Especially for the younger one. If it continues, when they grow into an adult, they cannot do anything effectively. Of course, it affects all human being in this world not only child. For you who have this disease, we have the information you can read to cure it completely or decrease it bit by bit.

Find the Issues

It means you need to know why you become lazy. Do not answer because it is the best thing to do. We are sure there are issues why each people become lazy. In order to overcome laziness completely, you need to find the cause. That is the first step you need to take. If you can do that, you can erase it. Of course, you must have a will to do it.

Find Something Exciting

Why people become lazy because they cannot find something interesting in their life. This is true and they get bored in the process. That is why do not insist yourself to participate an event you do not like. Find something interesting. From there, your laziness will go away slowly.

lazy person

Set Your Goals

Every human in this world has a goal in their life. For example, the one who wants to become rich. In order to grant that wishes, they need to work harder like it or not. But, if you do not have any goal, you will become lazy. That is why you need to set a goal in your life. Just choose the simple one which makes you happy. The important one you do it happily without any burden.

Think About the Negative Causes

Of course, this is not a bad thing to do. If you only think negative effect only result in a bad end you are wrong. Sometimes, we need to think negative in order to erase our problem. Now, it is the right time to do it. Think what will get in the future if you become a lazy person. If you want to have a better future, you can do it without any problem.

Final Words

Hopefully, after you read the information above, you can overcome your problem. Feel free to ask another question about this topic. We answer it as soon as possible. It is a common thing to help each other. Okay guys, see you again in the next article. This is not a goodbye, we will meet again.

Fall Anime 2017 || See The Best Show Which Entertains You!

fall anime 2017

For anime lover, each season is a sacred moment to wait for a new anime. Now, the fall season almost over, that is why we give you a list of the best one. We are sure all people have a different opinion regarding this matter. Now, let us see the best fall anime 2017 right away.

Shokugeki No Souma Season 3 (Food Wars)

shokugeki no souma season 3

In the first place, we have Shokugeki No Souma or also known as Food Wars in English. This anime tells a story about a boy named Souma who loved cooking. As a result, his father asks him to enter Totsuki academy, this is a school which specialized in cooking. This a perfect place for Souma to hone his skill in the cooking world. In this third season, Souma still challenges all the student to fight against him. Why he do this? Of course, to become the best chief in the cooking world. So, what will you see in the third season of this series? Watch it immediately.

Ousama Game (King’s Game)

ousama game

Next one is the horror anime this season. Actually, this is not the best one, you will agree with us after you watch this one. The story of the anime tells about 32 students who participated in a King’s game. The King’s will order the students to do something ridiculous either to break their own hand or kill someone. The students must follow the order within 24 hours. If they do not follow it, the king will give them a punishment. The protagonist Nobuaki participate in the game itself. His objective in this game is to uncover the real identity of the King and save his friends. The story in this anime is quite confusing. We recommend you read the Manga as the references before watching this.

Fate Apocrypha

fate apocrypha

We are sure all of you already know about Fate series. Do not think this one will follow the same storyline like Fate Stay Night. This one completely different and takes place in a different universe. Unlike the usual Fate series who have 7 servants (heroic Spirits from the past like King Arthur), this series features 14 servants in a different faction. There are black faction and red faction. Of course, the interesting part of this series is the appearance of Jeanne D’arc as a ruler who watches the war from both factions. The objective of the wars still the same, it is to obtain a Holy Grail which can grant any wishes to the winner.

Just Because

just because

The last one in the list is a romance anime. It tells about four high school kids and about their regret from the past. If you are the type of people who like both drama and romance, this is a great show for you. But, we must warn you, the early episode is really boring and makes you sleepy. Because you only see their daily life and the conflict do not appear at all. After a few episodes, you can enjoy this anime from the bottom of your heart.


That is the four anime which you can watch in the fall season. We do not know why anime this season not really good like the previous one. But, it is not that bad if you give it a try. For people who have another recommendation about another one, just write down in the comment section below.

Bohemian Living Room Decor Ideas | Create Your Bohemian Living Room

bohemian living room decor ideas

Bohemian style is often used as a living room design. The design which prioritizes a unique motif and colors on its decoration is quite popular at this moment. The display of this design may look irregular but, it contains a very deep meaning which reflects freedom. And today, we are about telling you the decoration of Bohemian living room design that you can use in order to create the Bohemian style in your living room.

Decorating Ideas

As we said before that this living room design focus on using the decoration which has a unique motif and colors that will make the room looks colorful and bring the cheerful impression as well. Below here, we have selected some decorating ideas that are suitable for a living room with a Bohemian style. So, let us check it out!


round embroidery bohemian pillow

© Allison August Music

If you want to apply this Bohemian living room style, an embroidery pillow with a gorgeous motif like this is very needed. This pillow can decorate your living room and make the Bohemian style increasingly felt. You can put it on your sofa to make it more interesting.

all shape bohemian pillow

© Home Style Club

There are a lot of shapes that you can choose for this unique pillow starting from the round, square, and long pillow. The motif and color also vary so you can choose which one is suitable for your living room. One tip that we can give to you while choosing a Bohemian pillow is to make sure that you choose the pillow which has a different color with the sofa.


colorful bohemian rug

© CBD | Boho + DIY Blogger

The second decor is the Bohemian rug. A rug with a beautiful color and motif like that is really an important element in a Bohemian living room. Place it in the middle of your living room and we are sure that you, your family, and your guests will feel at home while relaxing in the living room.

beautiful bohemian rug

© Erin Hill

It does not matter what material that you use for your living room floor as this rug is suitable for every kind of flooring materials. And you do not have to confuse in choosing the color because you just need to mix and match things that you have.

Throw Blanket

bohemian throw blanket

© Jessie Singh Designs

Throw blanket with Bohemian motif also important in designing Bohemian living room. This decor will add a more aesthetic value to the living room because of its gorgeous motif and color. As you can see, there are so many motives and colors that you can choose.

bohemian living room throw blanket

© lindsey

You can apply this throw blanket on the sofa in your living room like the example picture above so you can use it to warm your body when the weather is not too friendly. And then, it will also decorate your living room and make it looks good to see.


bohemian living room vase


The last living room decor is a vase with a Bohemian style like in the picture above. As we know, vases can be a good decoration that will make your living room not only looks beautiful but also has an aesthetic value that can be proud of.

bohemian vase on living room

© Eleni Dwyer

This living room decor can be placed in every corner of the living room such as the room corner, on the table, on the window, and etc. So, you do not have to be confused about where to place it as this decoration is very flexible.


Those are the Bohemian living room decor that you can apply in order to create a living room with Bohemian style. We hope that what we have shared above can help you in creating such a beautiful living room. And if this is not enough, you can pay a visit on Roohome website. You can get more information about home design and etc which related to home.

IGoGam, The Most Completed Game Guide Website

How to Find Game Guide

Today, I would like to present a new website that shares about game guide completely. Not only the guide but also the hack one. I know it is kinda hard to believe. I also do not have any beliefs at the first time but after trying the features of IGoGam presented. I know what am I doing for and how great the features are.

Let make it short, yesterday, my friend asked me how to find a Greedy Cave game guide as he had been stuck at stage 270. I have no idea about that because I am also a newbie at the game. So, I could not give any reference to him. Meanwhile trying to find other websites that share about the game. I found IGoGam which has a complete guide and also the hack tool.

Before giving it to my friend. I am going to review it at first because I also play that game. So I am so curious whether the hack tool works or not. After requesting the crystals from the generator. I was shocked because they really do what they purpose. I receive about 1500 crystals to my account immediately and I say “Man! This is the window to the heaven”.

Afterwards, I give it to my friend and he feels in love with the hack tool but his first account was banned because he generates 4 times in a day which is an uncommon number of the real players. To enlighten you, please keep in mind. This hack tool will generate based on the in-app purchase. So you have to ensure you do not generate more than one a day. I have read the notification to generate only once a week because real players would not spend their money every single day. Right?

Now my friend plays with his second account but it was fantastic that he could reach level 39 in a day. Do you know the secret? It is the crystals that he received from the hack tool. How great is it right? To whom who want to give a try. You can visit the website and give one shoot to their tool. Anyway, take a peek at my stats after using the generator.

My Greedy Cave Account

That is all that I can share with you about how to find a complete game guide. Remember IGoGam. It is quite brandable to remember. You can find many game guide there even the hack. Let me know what you have got from the hack tool by commenting below. We can also share our opinions about playing this game.

Natural Make Up Tutorial for a Natural Look Face

natural make up tutorial

Makeup application cannot be separated from the women. This is very important in order to make us look beautiful on every occasion. But, if you do not like to use excessive make up, then, you have come to the right place because here we would like to share the natural make up tutorial for all ladies out there. Now, if you really want it, let us follow all of our tips below.

Clean Your Face Firstly

cleaning face

Before applying every kind of makeup, you need to clean your face first to erase all the dirt that is sticking on your face. Use a facial foam to clean it and rub softly to all area of your face. After that, dry it with a dry towel. Then, apply a moisturizer to make your face skin moist since a dry skin can damage our face skin easily. And if you want, you can also apply the moisturizer with a foundation simultaneously.

Apply the Foundation


The foundation is function to flatten the striped skin color. And in order to get more natural and equitable result, using a special brush to apply the foundation is very recommended. The selection of foundation color is also important because a foundation which suitable for our skin tone is the key to have a great makeup result.Choose a foundation which one level darker of our skin color. Or you may try to mix two or three foundation colors to give a better result.

Use the Concealer


Concealer is really useful to cover up the disadvantages on our skin faces such as black stain acne scars, uneven skin color and disguises black eye bags There are some kinds of concealer such as the one with a stick form, cream, and liquid.In order to apply it, you can use your ring finger because it is usually more subtle, easier to control the movement, and lighter. And just remember to use the concealer after the foundation.

Do not Forget to Use Powder


Powder can give a more natural look when we apply it. That is why powder is quite important in applying makeup. And in order to get a better result, you can use a brush in applying a solid or sow powder on your face as it will make your face covered perfectly.

Use an Eyebrow Pencil

eyebrow pencil


Use an eyebrow pencil to frame your face perfectly. The trick is really easy and simple where you just need to shade it slowly from the tip of the eyebrow to the outside of the eyebrow, in accordance with the direction of your eyebrow. Using an eyebrow pencil will beautify the area around your eyes.

Apply the Eye Shadow


The next step is to apply the eyeshadow. But, make sure to use the concealer on your eyelids first before you apply the eyeshadow because it will make the eye shadow’s color more radiated and durable. Using a more natural and soft colors like pink, light brown, orange pastel, and etc. Use the eyeshadow thinly to show the natural impression of your make up.

Use an Eyeliner


You can apply an eyeliner as an additional makeup in order to beautify your eyelids and make your eyes look bigger. This one is an optional choice as you may apply it or not. But, we suggest you use it as well because it will give a lot of differences. There are three different types of eyeliner such as liquid, gel, and pencil. You do not need to confuse in applying this one because it is very easy to do. You just need to draw a line start from the tip of the inner eye until it leads out. Please to do it carefully or you will mess it all up.

Apply a Mascara


Flick your eyeliner by using an eyelash curler before using a mascara. Then, we can apply a waterproof mascara in order to avoid fade when we sweat and exposed to water. And for a more natural result, apply it as thin as possible.

The Final Step: Blush On

blush on

Apply your blush on by using your finger to get a natural result. But, if you would like to use a brush, just pat your cheek slowly before applying. We suggest you just use the blush on a little so you will look more natural and not too excessive. Also, choose the soft colors like peach, orange, and pink. And finally, use a lip moisturizer and apply a natural-colored lipstick like peach, nude or soft pink to make you look stunning and gorgeous.


That is all the steps that you should do in applying a natural make up. We really hope that this natural make up tutorial can help you a lot. And if you need more tips and tutorial, you can click this link (myshortnote) immediately.

7 Best Travelling Alone Tips that Every Lone Traveller Should Know

travelling alone tips

Travelling is one of the most exciting activities that we can do because we can get a new experience, meet some new people, and much more. Many people love to travel around the world whether they go together with some friends or alone. Nowadays, travelling alone has become a trend where people are willing to go to the places that they never visited before without anyone accompanies them. So, if you have an intention of doing a solo travelling, you need to check out some travelling alone tips that we have given below. Hopefully, these tips can be really useful for you.

Bring a Dictionary

Language is the first thing that will be our problem when visiting a foreign country. So, bringing a dictionary is a must unless we have learned the language that is used by the country that we visited. It will be difficult for us to travel without it because we will do a lot of interactions with the people there.

Bring Enough Money

You need to make sure that you have enough money to bring. Money is really important for a traveller because we need it to finance our journey.  It would be a disaster if we are running out of money while travelling in a place which far from home.

Try to Blend In with the Local People

One reason why you travelling alone is to get a new atmosphere. So, it is important for a lone traveller to blend in with the local people. Do not be a stiff person who cannot blend in with the surroundings Trying to interact with the local people and follow all of their daily habits are the easiest ways to blend in with them.

Don’t Forget Your Camera and Take Photos

Camera is the thing that you cannot forget while travelling. You need to bring this one wherever you go so you can take every single good moment that you find along your journey. It is useless when you can go travel to some beautiful places but you cannot take some photos as memories.

Don’t be Afraid to Try Something New

As we have said before that you will find a lot of something new such as the food, the culture, and etc. So, there is no reason for you to be afraid to try those new things because it is your main reason for doing a travel. Trying something new is good for yourself because it will make you gain more knowledge, experience and much more.

Be Careful

Visiting a foreign country will not give you any guarantee that you will be safe. A tourist is one of the main targets of a robbery. The bad local people usually aiming a foreigner because they know that we will bring so many things and money. So, be careful while travelling since you do not know anyone to ask for a help.

Find a Cheap Inn

There are so many inns that you can find while travelling start from the cheapest one until the most expensive one. Since you are travelling alone, make sure to keep your finance stable. That is why you need to find a cheap place to spend the night.

Simple Wedding Planning Tips to Save Your Wedding Budget

simple wedding planning tips

Marriage becomes a dream that almost everyone desires. Many things must be prepared beforehand, such as mental preparation, to establish the heart that we have chosen the right partner, and the main thing is to prepare the wedding budget. For that, you should know simple wedding planning tips that can help save your wedding expenses. This time I will share the information with you. For those of you who want or are planning to get married, you should really prepare it carefully. For that, this time I will share the tips for you!

5 tips for simple wedding preparation

5 Tips of Simple Wedding Preparation with Low Budget

There are some tips that you should pay attention to your wedding equipment. Pay attention to the budget you have when you want to prepare everything. Take a look at the simple wedding panning tips that will help you in preparing your marriage.

  • The Place

    The first tip to save on wedding expenses is choosing the right place for celebrating your moment. It is better if you celebrating your special moment or wedding at home. In addition to cheaper, there is no time limitations and other requirements. Home can make your wedding more intimate and atmosphere more impressed. Besides that, you might use a multipurpose building that provides a hall or a special room for weddings or other events.

  • Event

    Combine the wedding ceremony procession with the reception in one day. In this way, you can make savings from the makeup and catering. Try to keep the custom that is not in accordance with the marriage pillars used in marriage to be removed. Various wedding customs can cause budgetary marriage budget to swell. Simply simple but memorable will make your wedding also become more special.

  • Tent and Catering

    Ask for help from relatives or cooking neighbors for catering services and tents that the cost can be cheaper. Or you can use the facilities of the local residents, they usually have tents and cutlery for use in the event held in the local environment. For the catering, desk can borrow the school table nearby to minimize the budget. Then decorate as attractive as possible to look beautiful. For floral decoration, borrow the flowerpot on the neighbors and arrange it as best as possible to be an eye-catching decoration.

  • Invitation and Souvenir

    Try not to make an invitation card from an expensive material, given that the card can not be used twice. For close friends, you can use e-mail and social media attached with invitation photos or by calling. That way can save the manufacture of invitation cards. Choose useful souvenirs at an affordable price. Buy wholesale souvenirs for a wedding. Usually, the price varies according to the shape, size, and type of souvenir materials and relatively cheaper than we buy in public.

  • Wedding Dresses

    Preferably for wedding clothes can rent complete with accessories rather than you have to sew your dresses to a tailor. Usually, the place to rent wedding clothes will also provide a bridal makeup so that the budget will be more minimized than renting clothes in a separate place with a bridal makeup. This becomes one of simple wedding planning tips which can help you to prepare your wedding things.

That’s all about wedding planning tips which you can follow to celebrate your wedding with a low budget. If you want to learn more. Feel free to visit Roowedding.

10 of The Best PC Games Ever Made In The History of Gaming

The Best PC Games

There is never a dull moment for PC gamers because game developers keep creating awesome titles each year. And here is the list of some of the best PC Games ever made in the history of the gaming industry, check it out.

1. GTA V


There is no doubt that GTA V is the best game ever landed on PC platform. The amazing story of Michael, Trevor, and Franklin did really immerse people who played. Not just the single-player, but this game also thrive for its crazy nonsense online multiplayer gameplay.

2. Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain

Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain

When you’re looking for a worthy game with a fantastic and remarkable story, the Metal Gear Solid series should be on your playlist. The latest or maybe the last greatest MGS game would be the Phantom Pain. An amazing tactical espionage game that requires skills, patience, and intuition.

3. Skyrim


You’re Dovahkin a Dragonborn, child of a dragon, your destiny has been written to stop the menacing dragon Alduin from destroying the entire province of Skyrim. A game about magic, swords, and dragons, what can be better than that? Just tell your family that you’re sick because you will not get out from your room because you’re too busy playing Skyrim.

4. Fallout Series


Developed by the same company who made Skyrim, Fallout is the game for you if you’re looking for great RPG experience. The latest of this series is the Fallout 4 with the story of a father who on a quest to find out where his son is after being taken away from him. That’s the story of this game, but, this is Fallout we’re talking about. A game where the player can do much more things in the free roam world. Watch the settlement and the people lived after being devastated by nuclear war.

5. Half-Life


Immerse yourself with the journey of Dr. Gordon Freeman, a scientist who works for a research facility that gone wrong so now he must fight through all the enemies and find out the truth. The game receives great praise from fans because it tells a remarkable story and wonderful gameplay.

6. Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare

Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare

There was a time when COD game was amazing and great. And that time was in Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. This series comes with the best story of all compared to other COD series which is now all about space war and laser gun. Here, you will play the role of Soap McTavish, a soldier that must fight through a terrorist group to stop them from creating the next world war.

7. Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7

Some people may think that the RE4 is the creepiest RE games ever. But, that could have been all wrong when the 7th series was released. In RE7 you’re now playing from the first-person view. The story tells about Ethan Winters who in search for his lost wife for the past three years. He got a lead where to find his wife and arrived at a deranged house filled with all the horrors and zombie stuff. Never play this game in a VR device if you’re a faint hearted person because the level of a jump scare in this game is high.

8. Minecraft


Minecraft is the most phenomenal game ever and the reason is because of its simplicity of the game. You can do many things like mining materials, build some stuff, and fight of hideous monsters. The game may look supposedly for kids, but the players are mostly adults. The adults are able to make the most remarkable structure ever seen with this game.

9. Warcraft


The best RTS game you could ever try is Warcraft. It’s not the World of Warcraft, it’s just the Warcraft where you build your base, prepare your units and launch an attack on the enemy base. The best thing about this game is the story, and it comes in movie-quality cinematic cutscenes.

10. Dark Souls

Dark Souls

There have been too many keyboards wrecked and people rage quit when playing this game. Dark Souls is the real definition of how a hardcore game should be like. No tutorial, no mini maps, and no recharged health. All those are the features that make this game is unlike any other mainstream game. Test your patience by playing Dark Souls.