Tips to Mix and Match Clothes | Check Out the Tips and Make Yourself Look Outstanding!

tips to mix and match clothes

Mixing and matching clothes is a very important thing for a fashionable people. By doing that we can express our interest in fashion and create a different look every day. But, many people often get troubled to mix and match their clothes because of their lack knowledge about fashion. That is why we share you some of our tips to mix and match clothes that you can follow.

Choose the Right Color

color does matter

The first step that you have to do to mix and match clothes is to choose the right color. This step is really important because if we choose the wrong color which does not match one to another, it would be a disaster for us. People will see it weird and of course, we will not be confident to wear the clothes. So, when you want to wear something make sure to choose the color which suitable and match the others. For example, if you want to combine a bright and dark color, you can try to combine the black or navy blue with white or the other bright colors. But, neutral colors are always better.

Match the Clothes Model or Type

As we know that there are so many models or types of clothes that we can wear. That is why we need to be smart in matching those clothes. For example, we cannot combine a formal and casual clothes together as it will look really weird. But, we can combine sporty clothes with a casual one. So, make sure that everything that you wear is supporting each other.

Invest Our Money in Some Tops and Bottoms

buy some clothes

One thing that you should remember in mixing and matching clothes is to have quite varied clothes. If we just have a few clothes in our wardrobe, it would be harder to do mix and match. So, our suggestion is to invest your money in some clothes such as tops, bottoms, or shoes. If we have more clothes to wear, it will be easier to mix and match our clothes.

Do Some Experiments

As we know that there are a lot of combinations from all of the clothes that we have in the wardrobe. And doing some experiments is really needed to find which one is the best combination or that you like the most to be combined. Maybe it will take some time to find it. But, doing this will help us a lot to decide the combination that is suitable for a certain occasion.


That is all the tips to mix and match clothes from us. May those tips can be really helpful for you in deciding the best clothes to accompany you to go through the day. So, thank you for reading and do not forget to check out the other tips and tutorial on our website.