The Best Coffee In The World Which Very Popular and Has A Good Taste

the best coffee in the world

For you coffee lovers, surely you know what kind the best coffee in the world which is good and famous? Coffee has become one of the best drinks that can be enjoyed while relaxing. In addition, coffee is also a delicious drink that has become an option to accompany us while talking with friends or our partners. Coffee drink is one of the favored drinks by the community. This becomes one of the obligatory drinks for some people, especially the men.

Maybe you only know some types of coffee that you often find. But it turns out, you need to know there are various types of good coffee to enjoy. Lots of types of coffee in the world, but unfortunately, not everyone knows which coffee has good quality with delicious flavor. Well, now coffee is widely spread in Latin America, Asia-pacific, and Africa.

A coffee tree can grow well in tropical and subtropical climates, depending on the species. But besides that, in other countries, some areas in Indonesia scattered coffee plantations, some of them have unique characteristics and different taste of coffee. Perhaps some of you already know, the most popular type of coffee among the people is arabica. Because many coffee lovers think the quality of arabica coffee is superior compared to other types of coffee. But, this time I will share the best coffee in the world that you must try. Take a look below!

5 Popular and Delicious Coffee In The World

Civet coffee

Type of coffee is quite famous and the next worldwide that is kopi luwak. This coffee comes from Indonesia and is processed by using mongoose animals. Luwak which is a coffee bean feeder into a natural machine to produce quality coffee beans. Levels of caffeine in civet coffee are also the lowest.

Hawaii Kona Coffee

Hawaii Kona is an arabica coffee cultivated on the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa, located on the island of Hawaii. This is one of the most expensive coffee in the world. This type of coffee lives in weather condition when a sunny morning, cloudy, windy, light rain, and quiet nights. This coffee has a distinctive aroma.

Tanzania Peaberry Coffee

This is the best coffee in the world growing on Mount Semeru and Mount Kilimanjaro. Tanzania Peaberry is a coffee with a slightly thick and fruitful flavored texture. The taste of this coffee is very rich, a mixture of raisins, chocolate, bitter coffee, and when swallowed will leave a sweet taste.

Robusta Coffee

This type of coffee has characteristics of large seed size and generally oval. Robusta can grow in a cool environment as well as in a relatively hot environment. This common coffee is grown in tropical and subtropical countries. This doesn’t have the aroma and taste as well as arabica coffee. It’s also more bitter and slightly acidic, and the content of caffeine is higher.

Liberica Coffee

Liberica is derived from Arabica coffee beans and Robusta that combined to produce coffee with a world-class taste. You can only find this type of coffee in Liberia, Africa. The price of this type of coffee is also quite expensive because it tastes very delicious. Usually, this type of coffee is made into espresso and latte coffee.
There is the best coffee in the world that I shared with you! Hopefully, you are knowing the detail information about it here. Have a nice day 🙂

The Best Desserts In The World – Tasty and Delicious

the best desserts in the world

Who does not like dessert? This is one of the most popular dishes at dinner before you eating. But do you know the best desserts in the world? Today I would like to discuss it with you guys.

Dessert is one of the foods favored by many people. The sweet and delicious taste makes the dessert become the favorite menu after the main menu which served. For you dessert lovers, you certainly will not miss to hunting all kinds of dessert from different parts of the world. There are a variety of tasty desserts and flavors that you may not yet know. For that, for you dessert lovers, you must see what the best desserts in this world. Who knows you will be interested or even want to try it. Here are some dessert list that tasty and interesting to taste. What does it look like? Let’s see it below!

Variety of Favorite Desserts Around The World

  • Tiramisu (Italy)

    tiramisu italian

    Original Italian tiramisu made from eggs, mascarpone cheese, brandy, sugar, rum, grated chocolate or cocoa. The emphasis on tiramisu is a strong taste of espresso coffee, so if you eat tiramisu must be a bit bitter taste. The most important thing is the level of one layer of cream that is in the layer tiramisu. So if you want to make a nice tiramisu, the important key is the components. Tiramisu is already popular all over the world, but you’ll find the best tiramisu in Italy.

  • Profiteroles (France)


    France is famous for its dessert with a variety and of course, the taste is very good. One of the most famous desserts here is the croissant, but you can not miss the name profiteroles because this is the most delicious dessert of the Eiffel tower country. This cake shape is similar to an eclaire but filled with ice cream and then smothered in chocolate sauce. This dessert is famous enough worldwide, but you should taste profiteroles which are original only in France. This dish is perfect to be enjoyed with your partner.
  • Anmitsu (Japan)


    If you come to this cherry country, surely you will find many foods that you may never think before you haven’t ate them yet. But make no mistake, here is also a good culinary paradise. One of the best desserts in the world is Anmitsu. This dessert consists of jelly, azuki beans, syrup (mitsu), ice cream and boiled peas, then served with black sugar syrup.

  • Mango Sticky Rice (Thailand)

    mango sticky rice thailand

    Thailand is a variety of unique foods, ranging from fried insects to fruits that are eaten with rice like mango sticky rice pudding. Although it looks simple but strange, it turns out fresh mango fruits are also well suited to eat the same rice plus a little coconut milk, it’s really good and certainly healthy. This is the best dessert in Thailand and also has a delicious taste.

  • Apple Strudel (Austria)

    apple strudel austria

    Perhaps many people think that apple strudel just like a simple apple pie. But after you try it, the thought will disappear instantly because the tasted is delicious. The secret of this cake delicacy lies in its thinness. Whether is thin, even you can read the newspaper behind this apple strudel dough. The dough was filled with apples, cinnamon, raisins and bread crumbs. After it is roasted, apple strudel is served with ice cream that makes it even more complete and delicious.

So, if you are truly desserts lover, you have to try those kinds of the best desserts in the world above. If you are curious about the taste, you may taste one of those desserts above. That’s all about 5 famous desserts that I can share with you. Have a nice day 🙂