The Benefits of Hula Hoop Exercise For Our Health and Body Shape

benefits of playing hula hoop

Do you ever and like to play hula hoop? This is a very simple game tool to play. But do you know that there are benefits of hula hoop exercise for our diet and health? Yes, although this looks easy to play, for those of you who don’t know how to use and difficult to do this exercise. Therefore, you must know first a technique to play, so that this hula hoop can rotate on your waist. If you play and regularly do this, you will know the benefits to your body.

A hula hoop is one of the game and also a super powerful sport for the process of weight loss. Playing hula hoop is not only fun, but it can be a great workout or exercise for us. Besides that, this tool is a kind of traditional tool which used for sports. Maybe you are still confused and don’t know what the benefits of this hula hoop exercise. If you are curious, keep reading this article. I will give you some information to be read!

5 Benefits of Hula Hooping For Us

What are the benefits of practicing hula hoops? Here is the information for you that you should know about benefits of hula hoop exercise!

  • Reduce the fat in the abdomen and waist

    Hula hoops have benefits for reducing fat in the abdomen. For those of you who feel have a distended belly or a fat waist section then you can do this sport to support your appearance. When we do hula hoop, then the stomach will be actively moving in a circle with tools that are already available. Thus the fat in our stomach can burn and eventually disappear. Do this 30 minutes a day with a routine to get satisfactory results.

  • Improve concentration and focus

    Movement while playing hula hoop while rocking is not an easy movement to do. It takes a strong concentration to keep the hula hoop from falling for a long time. In addition, this tool is also very helpful in improving our concentration because when we want to play it we must also focus so that this tool can rotate in our hips.

  • Preventing stress

    By playing hula hoop on a regular basis can stimulate the production of endorphin hormones in the brain, causing feelings of pleasure. This will help reduce our stress that we experience. With a good mood, then you are also protected from stress and depression.

  • Idea back muscles

    When doing this sport, automatically backs will always be upright. Why? because when we play it, our waist will keep the hula hoop, so it will not fall. This will indirectly make the back becomes healthier and avoid the wrong back position such as bending.

  • Tighten the thigh muscles

    All women definitely do not want to have sagging thighs. The hula hoop game is the best solution to make muscle on thighs. Shake the hula hoop at your waist every morning for 30 minutes. Do this exercise regularly, then the thigh muscles become slim and tight.

That’s all the glimpse information about the benefits of hula hoop exercise for our health and body shape. If we do this routine, so we can get satisfying results. For you who want to do a simple diet exercise, this is the best solution for you to follow! Let’s do this healthy diet exercise right now!