5 Tips to be Happy in Life that You Should Have to Try!

tips to be happy in life

Sometimes it is hard to make ourselves happy rather than make someone happy. As we know that there are a lot of people who still could not find the real happiness in their life because of so many reasons. Many of them are trying to find some ways to make their life happier although it is hard to find for some people. And here, we are about to give you some tips to be happy in life that is worth to try. We have some tips which hopefully can help you to make your life happier. So, let us take a look!

Do Something That You Like

do something that you like

People often doing something that other people like to do rather than doing what they like the most. It is because of they afraid that they will be called as an outdated people or they will not have a friend if they do not follow what their friends do. Actually, it is not wrong at all. But, it would be better if we can do what we like rather than following what other people like to do. Our life would be happier if we can do the things that we like to do.

Balance Between Work and Life

balance between work and life

One of the so many reasons why people cannot find their happiness is because they are too stress thinking of their job in the office. Moreover, they do not have a time for having fun. That is why we need to make it balance between our job and having fun so our life will become happier. But, we need to remember that having a lot of fun without working is not good for us.

Have a Plan for Your Life

Have a plan for our own life is really important as it is one of the ways to have a happier life. If we do not have any plan for our life like what we will be or what we gonna do in the future, it will be so hard for us to get a happy life. So, start from now on, make a plan for your life and you will have a happy life in the future.

Always be Grateful

Many are hard to be happy in their life because they are not grateful for what that they already have. You have to know that being grateful for everything that we have got is really important because we will feel better, more enthusiasm, and are willing to help other people in need. That is why it becomes one of the ways to have a happy life.

Socialize More

socialize more

Socializing with other people is really needed actually. But, there are a lot of people who are hard to socialize with others because they do not have the time for it or they are not interested to make a contact with the people around them. And because of this problem, people are hard to get their happiness in life. In fact, socializing with others will help you to get your happy life.


That is the last tips to be happy that we can share with you. If you want to have a happy life, you should follow all of our tips that have been given above. We really sure that you will find your own happiness if you follow our tips in the right way.

6 Mood Booster Which Makes You Feel Spirit and Happy!

6 mood booster

Do you want to feel excited and energized every day? There is 6 mood booster which can raise up your mood and make you happy while doing your activity. What is that?

Everyone’s feeling was different. Sometimes we can feel happy, but also can feel sad or indecisive. Surely you ever feel like that, right? Mood and feeling could not have guessed. Therefore, we must find something interesting and quiet in order to make us happy and enjoy our daily life.

If our mood goes down, it’s a dangerous thing. Why? because at that time we will be reluctant to do something. Working or doing other activities will feel a burden and not much fun if our mood were lost. Therefore, I would share with you, 6 instant mood boosters which can make us excited and relieve your boredom. Are you curious? Check this out below!

6 Mood Booster (Best Mood Enhancer) Which Makes You Feel Spirit and Happy!

  • Chocolate

Definitely, you familiar with this food, right? Yeah, who does not know chocolate? This is one of your mood booster foods, especially for the women, because in chocolate contains psychoactive molecules that can make people who consume it feel calm and happy.

  • Ice Cream

Surely, everyone like this one, whether it is boys or girls. Ice cream has a variety of taste that we can choose. Don’t need to spend much money to buy this. Usually, when you eat this one, it will raise up our mood especially for women.

  • Coffee

For you who like drinking a coffee, this a drink is suitable to choose to make your body relax and enjoy. Most of the people said when they haven’t drink a coffee yet, they will feel sleepy and they can’t bethink. So, they need to drink this to make their body or mind fresh and take a break from works.

  • Instant noodles

Who doesn’t know instant noodle? This becomes one of favorite food to help us when feels a hungry and bad mood. Don’t eat too much this food. If you’re feeling so bad because a very heavy burden of thinking comes, this food become the best choice to eat.

  • Playing Games

When you bored, this may you choose as the mood booster to make your mind relax and not stress. You may choose your favorite fun games to play. Most of the people think, to release their fatigue, they choose games as the way to raising their mood.

  • Listen to a music

Music also becomes the one of choice to raise up our spirit because it has a variety of rhythm and genre that can we choose based on my favorite song. Listen a music sometimes will make our body moving and dancing. When you feel bored or saturated at the office, you may listen by using headset or earphones and increase the volume. You also may listen to the music during you do the activity.

So, have you read the article about best mood enhancer above? Don’t be confused and bad mood anymore. Follow and try the 6 mood booster which makes you feel spirit and happy every day! Hopefully, those instant mood boosters above might be useful for you. Enjoy your activity and keep smile guys 🙂