The Health Benefits Of Ballet Dance | What Are The Positive Effects For Our Body?

benefits of ballet dance

Are you one of those people who love ballet dancing? Do you know the benefits of ballet dance for our bodies? Apparently, this dance is a lot of devotees, ranging from children to adults. Yes, this is one of the body movements or dancing with indentations or movements that are very slowly but also flexible. This dance requires the flexibility of the body to be able to wriggle or move as easily as possible. Therefore, there are several benefits of this dance that we can get for our bodies.

Ballet dance is known to be beautiful and has an unusual movement. Being a professional ballet dancer or being a good ballet dancer is not easy to do. The movement and attitude in this classical dance are set very tightly. Learning ballet dancing should start as a child or as an adult but starting from the bottom. From this learning process, children are taught to discipline. This dance also serves to stimulate the mindset and positive mental attitude of the child that to achieve a goal required effort, process, and perseverance. Then besides that, what are some other important benefits of ballet dance? Let’s check this out!

5 Positive Effects Of Ballet Dancing

5 benefits of ballet

Make the body more flexible

As in the movie, ballet dancers are required to have extraordinary flexibility. They should be able to stretch the legs up overhead, forming an 180-degree angle. Movements in the ballet dance can increase the flexibility of the body as well as leg strength. This will make our body becomes lighter and more flexible.

Flatten the stomach

When dancing, ballet dancers will pull the belly in and puff out the chest. Unwittingly, the pose is actually a natural sport for the stomach. That’s why ballet dancing is the perfect idea for those who want to streamline their stomachs. This can be an effective way for those of you who want to have a slender stomach.

Uphold your posture

When dancing a ballet dance, the spine should be straight at all times. Every movement in ballet also requires a proper back stance. Even when bending, ballet dancers have to do it by the rules. All of these movements ultimately make the body upright. This is very good and will make your bone more strong.

Make body taller

Standing with your fingertips makes a person look taller. But not only that. By practicing ballet for many years, the chances of growing high will be even greater.

Tighten muscles

Ballet dancers need strong muscles and that ability can be gained through training. With dance practice resting on the toes for years, the leg muscles will get stronger. In addition, the feet also become more beautiful.

From some benefits above, it turns out ballet dance is very useful for health and flexibility of our bodies. Therefore, for those of you who want to have a good body shape, this can be one of the right solutions. This kind of dance is good for every age. For more safety, you should practice at a ballet dance course to be safe and satisfactory. Get the health benefits of ballet dance also!

Surprisingly Benefits of Strawberries – Health and Beauty Treatment

benefits of strawberries

Many people today choosing natural facial treatments with fruits. Like the following, I will discuss the benefits of strawberries fruit for our facial beauty. In the content of sour fruit, it turns out this fruit has a good function for us both health and beauty. It’s very important for you guys to know!

Strawberry is the most popular fruit in the world because of a sweet or sour taste.This is rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, all of which are easily absorbed by the body. Strawberries contain lots of vitamins A, B, B2, B3, B5, B6, C, beta -carotene, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, zinc, and iron. Because the content of vitamin C in strawberry fruit is very high then it is no wonder if the strawberry fruit can boost the immune system thoroughly as well as help the body fight infections like colds and flu. But let’s see what are the benefits of strawberries fruit for our health and beauty below!

Amazing Benefits of Strawberry For Us

amazing benefits of strawberry

Eliminate acne

Salicylic acid here will help lift dead skin cells to make brighter. In addition, strawberry content is also believed to eliminate acne. The skin types suitable for this are those whose skin type is oily. The trick is to mix strawberries that have been pounded sufficiently with sour cream. Stir until well blended to a paste. Apply evenly on the face and neck that is clean. Let stand for 10 minutes then rinse thoroughly with warm water and repeat with clean water.

Brighten the skin

Shattered as much as 3 or four pieces by pounding or blending. After really fine apply it as a mask. Paste it on the cleaned face and wait for it to dry. The last step after dry is rinsing with clean water and dry with a towel or facial tissue.

Maintaining Our Eyes

The main reasons for almost all eye problems are free radicals and certain nutritional deficiencies. With age and lack of protective nutrients, free radicals will easily cause eye problems. Some anti-oxidants such as vitamin C and flavonoids are present in strawberries, which can counteract the development associated with age-related eye diseases such as cataracts and macular degeneration.

Maintain brain function

Strawberry has an antioxidant such as vitamin C and phytochemicals which can help to improve our brain function. Strawberries are also rich in iodine that can help maintain brain function and nervous system. This is good for our health especially to increase our memory.

Maintain the immune system

With a high vitamin C which contained in it, it is good for our immune. A cup of strawberries contains lots of vitamin C, an antioxidant that is effective in helping to lower blood pressure and maintain the immune system.
That’s all the health and beauty benefits of strawberries that I can share with you. Hopefully, this very useful for you to get an information about healthy life. Consume this fruit or make a mask to get the best result for yourself. Let’s see the surprising benefits of health and beauty treatment above.

Beauty Benefits of Honey – Get a Facial Beauty and Healthy Skin By Using This

beauty benefits of honey

Is honey only efficacious for our body? Do not you know that honey also has good benefits for our beauty? Here I will discuss the beauty benefits of honey which are very nutritious for us. If you love honey, you should know what the benefits of consuming or using honey to beautify ourselves and nourish our body.

HONEY has so many beneficial properties for health. In fact, honey is also often used to maintain the beauty of skin. Since the first honey has been used as a basic ingredient of skin care. In addition to the soft texture, the content of honey is very rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and potassium that can be used as a moisturizer, freshener and even a face mask. Well, for those of you who want to know more about the benefits of honey for beauty, it could not hurt to try some of the following the recipe below. The content of honey not only can maintain the beauty of the skin and prevent premature aging but can also maintain the beauty of our skin.

Amazing Benefits of Honey For Ourself

amazing honey benefits

Face cleanser

After the activity outside the room, of course, your face will be exposed to dust and pollution that can cause various skin problems. For that, it is better to clean the face regularly. How to clean the face with honey ie prepare honey, glycerin, and egg whites. Combine all the ingredients with 1 tablespoon of honey. After mixed and then apply on your face. Let stand 10-15 minutes then rinse with warm water.

Prevents skin aging

Try treatment with honey to prevent premature aging. By mixing 2 tablespoons of pure honey with 2 tablespoons of lemon water. After that stir and give a little water. If already mixed live smear it on the face by using cotton. This will greatly help regenerate your skin.

Overcoming dry lips and cracked

If your lips are dry and cracked, try applying honey on your lips while doing the massage slowly. When applied regularly this honey can treat your dry lips. So this is very useful for the health of your lips.

Can shrink pores

Large pores can trigger a variety of skin problems because the pores are easily clogged by dust and dirt. To minimize it you can try this honey treatment. The trick is to mix 5 tablespoons of honey, 2 tablespoons of oatmeal, 2 tablespoons of milk powder. After mixed and then apply on your face while doing a gentle massage. After that rinse face with warm water.

Brighten the lips

Black and dark lips can be overcome with honey, just by applying honey on the lips and let stand for 15-20 minutes. After that just rinse the lips with clean water. If you want to be a more effective way by applying honey on the lips at night when you want to sleep and leave until the morning.
So, do you already know about this beauty benefits of honey, right? Let’s apply the skin beauty treatment right now to make you more pretty! Hopefully, with this amazing benefits of using honey will give you a lot of advantages. Have a nice day 🙂

The Best Benefits of Oatmeal For Our Health | Eating Oats Everyday

the best benefits of oatmeal

Probably most people assume that oatmeal is food for the elderly or people who suffering a cholesterol. But don’t judge it, evidently, there are a lot the best benefits of oatmeal. There are several advantages that we can get for our health and body. For those of you who like this food, it’s very lucky you!

Oatmeal is a healthy food that is becoming very popular among some people who are doing a diet. Actually, oatmeal is not only beneficial for those who are doing diet process. However, widely this is a kind of healthy complex of carbohydrates. As we know carbohydrates are very important to give an energy in the body. In addition to losing weight, cholesterol and to heart disease, it is also very nutritious eating oatmeal. In addition to high fiber content, oatmeal also provides magnesium, protein, phosphorus and vitamin B1 which plays an important role in producing energy. We can also replace the carbohydrates of rice by consuming this oatmeal. You can replace your breakfast with this oatmeal. It will also provide a lot of energy for your body, so you are able to do your activities during the day. Do you want to know the other the best benefits of oatmeal? Let’s see here!

Amazing Benefits Of Eating Oatmeal

1. Diet

Oatmeal is consist of fiber are low in calories which are very popular for people who do a diet. When eating oatmeal for breakfast, the stomach will feel full for a long time. Breakfast with the types of foods that are high in sugar and fat will create a feeling of fullness with a shorter period of time, and it will be hungry again. Breakfast, consisting of oatmeal mixed with chunks of banana, can satisfy without worrying about going hungry until lunch time. This very effective for those of you who are running the diet program.

2. Reduce the risk of heart disease

The consumption of oatmeal everyday for a few weeks can lower total of cholesterol, which in turn is likely to reduce the risk of heart disease. Stabilize blood sugar in diabetics. A rich in fiber will make it more slowly digested. This means that oatmeal will not raise blood sugar levels quickly so blood sugar more stable.

3. Good for diabetes

Oatmeal is a type of wheat processed foods which are good for diabetics, even this kind of food is highly recommended for diabetics. Moreover, it also has a very high fiber which helps to give the body’s metabolism and blood sugar were balanced.

4. Improve Body Immune System

Despite various contains of healthy, oatmeal also contains nutrients and various antioxidants that are important for maintaining the immune system. These antioxidants are also able to nourish the physical body such as the skin and up to prevent various diseases.

5. Preventing Osteoporosis

Food from wheat also contains mineral components that are important for bone health. Eating oatmeal every day can help you meet the needs of bone mineral, thus preventing the occurrence of osteoporosis.

So guard your diet! Replace your breakfast with oatmeal now. That’s all the best benefits of oatmeal which is very useful for the body and our health. Consuming enough oatmeal will bring many advantages for us. Let’s try it now!

The Negative Effects Of Handphone For Our Health – Good Information

the negative effects of handphone
Maybe some of you do not know what the dangers of cell phone use. It turns out there are the negative effects of handphone could interfere with our health. Maybe you do not understand well, therefore you should read this article. Handphone already become our daily needs, but do you know HP can be regarded as a tool of our communication that we often use. But it turns out, is too long to use handphone in the long term, this can cause harmful effects.
Development of mobile phones in this era has given behavior change for the users. Especially for the type of phone that fall into the category of smartphones, many once found deviant behavior often do this smart phone’s user. In the use of handphone these days, we definitely get the positive side of this one. Not only the positive side that can we get out of this mobile phone technology, the negative side also we can get too by using a handphone. Do you want to know what the negative effects of handphone for our health? Please check it below!

Negative Impact Of Using Handphone

1.Causing various problems of our vision

Our eyes are sensitive organs, which are also very susceptible to the effects of high-frequency radio waves emitted by mobile phones. Not only radiation, blue-violet rays from the phone screen also has a high potential for risk of macular degeneration is a major cause of blindness. Because the mobile phone screen is small, it will force your eyes are strained or squint while reading the message. The trend is closer eye blinking and not enough will create a strain on the eyes.

2. Increases Risk of Brain Cancer

A World Health Organization (WHO) says that handphone emit radio frequency power, in the form of non-ionizing radiation have the possibility of working as carcinogenic (causing cancer). The mobile phone radiation triggers the brain tissue heating that is absorbed by the brain and increases the risk of brain cancer. In fact, studies Pathophysiology noted emphatically that mobile phone use increases the risk of brain cancer.

3. Disrupt and prevent sleep

Often play handphone at night can disrupt your sleep cycle. The light which emanating from your cell phone screen can affect the body’s circadian cycle (biological clock) that triggers the production of hormones your alertness. If your phone alive and close to your bed, then there is a high probability, you will wake up at night because of vibrate or ring of SMS or call.

4. Increases the risk of heart-related problems

The electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones is very strong, so it is not good for heart health. The energy emitted from mobile phones can cause oxidation and weakening the cell membrane. The research noted that the electromagnetic energy emitted by mobile phone particularly dangerous for people who have ischemic heart disease.

5. Increases Risk of accidents in the streets

One the study noted that road traffic accidents were significantly associated with the use of mobile phones by drivers. This increases the likelihood of accidents by up to 70% when compared to drivers who do not use mobile phones. This is very danger for yourself.

Please be careful while using a handphone for your life! You should be aware of the negative effects of handphone like the things above. You have to use a handphone according to the needs and adapt with time to use them to avoid a risk.

Health Benefits of Hot Baths For Your Body

health benefits of hot baths
Taking hot bath is being the best option when your body feels tired. However, there is another fact about taking hot baths. There are health benefits of hot baths that can nourish your body. It is important and necessary that you should know.
Bath in the bathtub with hot water indeed will provide a sense of comfort for our body. Especially at night after the activity, or on cold mornings after waking. Bath in warm water provides many benefits. But remember that you also must set the temperature and the warmth of the water from getting too hot. If you use water that is too hot for bathing, this would be very dangerous to your skin for sure. Then, what kind of health benefits of hot baths for our bodies?

Lots Advantages of Taking Hot Baths

1.The body becomes more clean and fresh

The warm water has been believed to be more efficient to help lift dirt and excess oil on the skin. A warm bath is able to widen the pores on the skin surface. So taking a hot bath, your body will feel more clean and fresh, and with a clean body, then the mind will become more quiet and comfortable.

2. The body becomes more relaxed and avoid stress

Your job or activity which a lot and accumulate can bring a cause stress and burden of thinking that will make our body becomes weak. To avoid this, try to soak in warm water with a temperature of +/- 37 ° C to 380 ° C. For a more relaxed, you can also add aromatherapy that you like and can also be equipped with listening to classical music. This will greatly help you for all the process of relaxation.

3. Lowering blood sugar levels

In the New England Journal of Medicine are the results of a study which states that with regular warm bath will greatly help to lower blood sugar levels in approximately less than 13%. This is one activity or the most convenient way to do for you guys who have high blood sugar levels. As it turns aside will feel comfortable, shower or bath with warm water can also help them to overcome the problems which they are facing, that is a high level of sugar in their blood.

4. Good for heart health

From the explain before, we already know that soaking in warm water for +/- 10 minutes will be able to help the circulation of blood. With a smooth blood circulation and healthy, it will be able to give a positive impact on the performance of internal organs, including the heart which is one of the most vital organs in the body. It has been proved by scientists who have been doing research in Japan.

5. Treating rheumatic and bone disease

For those of you who have a complaint about bone diseases, muscle pain, rheumatism, and etc. It turns out that soaking with a warm water can believe to reduce the pain complaint. This is because the water temperature and mineral content can seep into the body and is absorbed by the bones. One factor that often poses the risk of bone disease is because of the weather and cold temperatures. Utilizing the natural hot water temperature is an appropriate means to overcome the risk.

So, let’s take the health benefits of hot baths here. It will make your body more healthy and relax absolutely. You must try this thing to get a lot of advantage. You may often take a hot bath to get the best results.

The Benefits Of Positive Thinking For Our Health and Mind

the benefits of positive thinking

A positive thinking must we do everyday in our life. Why? because if we think positive automatically it will make us happier. Then, do you know the benefits of positive thinking for our health and mind? Yeah, maybe some of you didn’t understand it well. For that, now, I would like to share an information about it.

If our thoughts positive indirect impacts that will affect us will be positive as well. For that, it is better that we should avoid negative thoughts. Why? because when negative thoughts come to us, then the bad feelings and stress would be easy to feel. Positive thinking often begins with yourself. If you have a positive thought, then you may be an optimistic person, but on the contrary, if your mind always thinks negative, so you are a pessimistic person.

Some studies claim that the pessimistic and optimistic personality can affect the health and well-being in many aspects. What are they? Therefore, you should see what are the benefits of positive thinking here. Let’s scroll down your button and check this out!

Positive Thinking Brings Lots of Benefits For You!

  • Reduce depression

Pessimistic thinking is one of the factors that lead to depression. According to Psychology, by changing your thinking to be positive, then you will be able to reduce the level of your depression. Cognitive therapy is to change patterns of thinking can improve everyone’s feelings and also a major part of the treatment of depression.

  • Prevent Hypertension

High blood pressure is one of the many things that can cause heart problems. Today, this become one causes of a death in the world. Positive thinking has been shown to lower blood pressure, thus preventing the risk of hypertension and other heart problems.

  • Long Life

A study at the University of London found that elderly people who think positively inclined to age more healthily. This means that they tend to be less likely to suffer physical and emotional health problems when they are getting older.

  • Make You Healthier

In many studies published online, researchers have found that people who practice positive thinking tend to be healthier because in a fact that they can take care theirself well. They do more exercise, eat better, enjoy their hobbies and other recreational activities, socialize, sleep better, and live a better life in general.

  • Life will be happier

A positive thinking keeps us to be happy, enjoy, even laughing can help relieve the burden on the minds of those people around us who are experiencing a problem. Of course, our lives become more significant both for themselves, their families and friends around us.

  • It is easier to be success

If we always think positive in the face of a state of our mind, it is easier to weigh the good and bad decisions that we make so that we are wiser and provide appropriate solutions for the future and our life to be more successful.
Let’s start with positive thinking! Get a lot the benefits of positive thinking for your health and mind right now! Make your life better and always happy! Keep smile 🙂

Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water For Your Health

benefits of drinking lemon water

For you who really like to drink a lemon, surely you know the benefits of drinking lemon water for your body. As you must know, a lemon is a kind of fruit which commonly used to mix a variety of processed foods and beverages. Lemon also become a healthy fruit that we can consume either the skin or flesh to our health.

Health is an important thing to be kept so that we can get through the day and move comfortably. If our health has a problem, not only our body which will difficult to move or do some activity but also our mind, it will not focus while doing the activity. One effort that can be done to maintain a healthy body is to consume health supplements and vitamins in accordance with our needs and benefits. It is better if you choose a lemon as the natural way to make healthier. For you who want to know more benefits or effects drinking a lemon water, you may see and check below. I would share a little bit information for health which may bring a lot of advantage for us. I combine this information based on my experience while reading some articles.

For you who want to know more benefits of drinking lemon water, you may see and check below. I would share a little bit information for health which may bring a lot of advantage for us. I combine this information based on my experience while reading some articles.

What Will You Get While Drinking Lemon Water?

When you drink a lemon water, unconsciously you will get a lot of benefits which important for your health, especially for your body and beauty. What are they? take a look below!

  • Disposing of the Body Toxins. Lemon juice has a diuretic, is able to break down toxins in the body and uric acid. After consuming lemon water, it can help to melt gallstones, which help to stimulate the liver and clean the toxins which detoxify through an urination.
  • Helps You Lose Weight. Consuming lemon juice in the morning is believed to help women to lose weight. This because the levels of acid which consist in the lemon. You can take this lemon juice, then mix with warm water and without using sugar.
  • Boost Immunity. The content of vitamin C and antioxidants in the lemon is a good combination in improving the immune system (immune system). Lemon helps make the alkali in the body, to restore the body’s pH balance. This can prevent you from the diseases.
  • Helps Skin Lightening and Overcome Acne. The lemon juice contains a natural antiseptic that can kill germs and bacteria that cause an acne. Furthermore, vitamin C contained therein are able to make our skin becomes brighter and healthier. You may take a skin or the water that you use for the mask.
  • Preventing Free Radicals. The content of vitamin C in lemons helps the body fight free radicals and prevents a premature aging. Lemon consists of anionic (negatively ions), so it very important for the body. Vitamin C in the lemon also helps to treat scabies.

So, now you already know about the benefits of drinking lemon water, right? Let’s consume and drink this everyday to get healthy and beauty. That’s all about the information about daily healthy tips that I can share with you right now!