WWE Supercard Starter Guide || The Things You Should Know Before Playing the Game!

wwe supercard starter guide

WWE Supercard is a different game unlike your usual WWE. If the previous game you need to memorize the button combo, right now you do not need to do that. Here, you need to learn how to become the good card battler. We made WWE Supercard starter guide to help you in this game. For further information, read our article thoroughly.

Do not Level Up Your Card Randomly

wwe supercard level up

For the first time, we know it is really essential to level up your card as fast as possible. But, it will only waste your resources. We recommend you do not level it up it unless you are sure the card is useful on your deck. If you get a rare or legendary card, you can upgrade it immediately. As for the rest, you need to think first after that you maximize the level of it.

About Your Deck

wwe supercard deck

Imagine what kind of deck you want to use. If you want to focus on power for example, you need to collect a wrestler which have a good power and support card to buff your fighter. Be sure to match the card with a compatible one. You will gain many advantages for sure. Do not ever include defense-type wrestler on the offense deck. It will disturb the balance on your deck formation.

Save Your Booster Card

If you manage to get booster card, do not use it immediately. There is a time you can use it. This is a good card which can boost your fighter. Do not use it unless in the urgent situation. Of course, you can get it by offering some of your credits. But, you need to save your credits to buy more cards. So, you have limited resources. For you who disobey our warning, you will know the side effects later on.

See the Tutorial

It is really important to see the tutorial with the game you do not familiar with. For your information the tutorial in this game is really useful and easy to understand. In the end of the tutorial, you will also see some tips which help you to play the game. For a smart gamer, do not ever skip this.


Actually, this game is not that hard as you think. If you already know the mechanism of it, you will become the champion immediately. Also, we found a good website which can generate unlimited free credits. Is it possible? The answer is yes. If you curious, visit here immediately to find out the truth.